Hero & Daughter is a dungeon-crawling hack-and-slash RPG by tachi made in RPG Maker VX Ace. The game is primarily about running dungeons for loot and levels until you grow powerful enough to clear them.

The veteran hero Ralph has been punished for his hubris by being dropped down to Level 1.
Unable to level up whatsoever, all seems hopeless until he finds a helpful summoner.
By having him summon girls to join the fight, perhaps the dark lord can be defeated yet...

Note that the girls in the game are not "the hero's daughters" or anything. Basically, it's just an oddly literal translation of the word "musume" (girl) that would have been more odd to change.

(Content Severity: Mild, But Risque)

Click here for content warnings.

Risque art for many of the girls.
The most risque are the hot springs images, which only somewhat cover things with towels or fog.

Download Hero & Daughter 2.8.2 | Mirror

(Chrome may falsely flag the download as malicious, but it's safe to ignore.)

Hero & Daughter is now available on Steam.
Version 2.8.2 will remain free here, but the Steam version has additional updates.

Supported Platforms

The game's engine is made for Windows only, with no native support for other platforms. To play on Mac, you can try a general-purpose tool like WineBottler.


Make sure to extract the game to its own folder instead of running directly from the ZIP file. If you don't do so, any saves made will be lost the next time you run the game.

If you extracted the ZIP but save data is still being erased, try running the game as an administrator. Without admin privileges, the game may not have permission to create save files.

If dialogue seems to be using the wrong font (which may cause cutoff text), download and install MS PGothic.

To avoid memory overuse, the game clears its cache of loaded resources every time you return from a dungeon. This can add a bit of lag, particularly in battles where many new attack effects and sounds are being loaded in a row. To make resources only load once and never unload, open Game.ini and change "NeverClear=0" from 0 to 1. Be warned that this could increase the odds of crashing after playing for a while.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Update Logs

(Steam Versions)

Version 3.0.1
  • Content Update
  • Extra Room in the pub, where you can summon bonus characters with secret codes
  • I'm A Dark Lord and Deste added as bonus characters
Version 3.0.0
  • Content Update
  • Full set of affection conversations for all girls!
  • Extra dungeon at the Ancient Shrine after Part 6

(Free Versions)

Version 2.8.2
  • General Changes
  • Index entries that shouldn't have been there removed
  • Content Update
  • All remaining hot springs scenes
Version 2.8.1
  • Content Update
  • Hot springs behind the fountain after Part 3
    • Bathing with a girl teaches her the "(Name) Heart" skill, which does damage based on affection
    • Getting a girl's consent to bathe requires 2000 affection
    • Currently, there are only scenes for the first 17 girls
Version 2.8.0
  • Content Update
  • Part 6 scenario with two new dungeons; activates after finishing Part 5 and saving
  • New girl, Carrot, summonable after Part 4
Version 2.7.5
  • General Changes
  • A few more title illustrations
  • New Home Sweet Home houses in the village
  • Invites added, allowing you to place girls in rooms
    • Can be obtained either by defeating them in Part 4, or giving them a gift
  • Content Update
  • Part 5 scenario with four new dungeons; activates after finishing Part 4 and saving
  • Castle Town with new facilities, and a prosperity level like the village
  • Casino with poker, slots, girl fights, Monster Coliseum, and Hop-Pop Box puzzle game
    • Win coins to spend on all kinds of prizes!
Version 2.5.0

[At this point, tachi basically stopped giving official changelogs, so they're mine from here on out.]

  • General Changes
  • New title screen!
  • NPCs in the village now randomized, can include non-active girls
    • Each person you talk to adds 1 to Ralph's HP, and you may get the occasional item
  • NPCs in dungeons are now unique characters with various gimmicks
  • Rare monsters changed
    • Candy Lix now appears in a set place in the Forest Dungeon
  • Field veggies now heal you automatically after battles
  • New options in redone Options Room in pub
  • Character Changes
  • Ayame redrawn
  • Many missed changes (mostly to skills) from the Japanese version fixed
    • Will stay in sync from now on!
  • Content Update
  • New girl, Leffy, arrives after losing three battles; can escort you for a fee, or be recruited
  • Part 4 scenario; activates after finishing Part 3, recruiting all girls, and saving
  • Home Sweet Home system: collect furniture, wallpaper, and flooring to decorate rooms!
  • Monster Heart accessory for Ralph, earned for beating a Level 100+ Monster House monster
Version 2.0.1
  • General Changes
  • C-Tower back to opening up after first dark lord
  • Fixed settings for Darkness Trial chests
  • Content Update
  • Small extra room added to pub
    • Help Book (Mentions useful functions)
    • The Highly Mysterious Mr. Switcher (Reduces CPU load during battle, to same as before)
  • Secret bounty added
  • Robotta redesigned
Version 2.0.0
  • General Changes
  • Character tuning
    • Harmony: Peace Sublimation damage calculation adjusted
    • Harmony: Peaceful Mind adjusted
    • Liv: Item Steal adjusted
    • Moski: Deep Slurp changed to Slurpall
    • Holly: MAT and LUK up
    • Lara: High-School Scream! and Spiral! adjusted
    • Apil: Evade Turn adjusted
    • Apil: Full Swing adjusted
    • Ayame: Assass Innate powered up, added 8% true damage
    • Priscilla: Stronghold costs 50 TP
  • Adjusted Paralysis and Stun removal-by-damage
  • Removed randomness from turn order (always in order of AGI)
  • Multiplied speed offset of priority skills by 3
    • Previously +2000 AGI, now +6000
  • Challenge Tower and Monster Den now open after main game completion
  • Content Update
  • Main story completed
    • Three dungeons added
    • 15 bounties added
  • Added some battle effects
    • Enemy breathing, background mist, critical hit sound
Version 1.9.4
  • General Changes
  • Character tuning
    • Liv: Changed skill workings
    • Aquata: Changed some skills
    • All: Improved stat gain on level up (Stats will match current level)
  • Reduced stats of Challenge Tower 9999F boss
  • Content Update
  • Added to Monster Den
    • Changed dungeon workings
  • Added Challenge Tower floor-change events
    • Chance of return-scene-esque event when going up a floor
    • Currently 11 in total
Version 1.9.3
  • General Changes
  • Added to gold dropped by monsters in Part 2 dungeons
  • Lowered New Galaxy price to 4 million
  • Readjusted Paralysis/Stun turn duration
  • Content Update
  • Added 33 return events
    • The girls' reactions to the popularity poll results
    • Must have corresponding girl and defeated first dark lord
  • Implemented Monster Den (Update Dungeons)
    • Dungeons that will be added with each update
    • Advance in the dungeons to acquire doodles
    • Appears in northwest of village after first dark lord
  • Added Lara affection events up to 15 (1500 points)
  • Added C-Armor Shop (On left side of tower after beating 1000F)
Version 1.9.2
  • General Changes
  • HP Veggies changed
  • Paralysis length extended to 4 turns
    • 20% chance of removal when taking damage
  • Stun length extended to 2 turns
    • 10% chance of removal when taking damage
  • Sleep length extended to 5 turns
  • TP added by normal attack changed to 8
  • TP added by Defend changed to 9
  • Character Changes
  • Erina: Buffed
  • Spirit Queen: Adjusted
  • Challenge Tower
  • Added capsule machines
    • Three types: Items, weapons, armor
    • Randomly picks from all dungeon items
  • Further simplified 101F+ requirements
  • Content Update
  • Added 10 dialogues with Goral (why)
Version 1.9.1
  • General Changes
  • Changed added-stat limit for girls to 1000
    • Stats over limit will be converted to CP
  • Made Ralph's stats nearly limitless
    • Keep going and going!
  • Powered up village restaurant (village level no longer capped)
  • Monster House defenses can take you up to Tier 30
    • Improved calculation of defense success
    • All monsters' levels contribute toward success chances
  • Removed Skip choice in village defense
  • Fixed freeze bug with fireplace stat adjustment
  • Made minimum damage 10
  • Made damage display for drain/etc.
  • Character Changes
  • Priscilla buffed
  • Dieh buffed
  • Cherie's Break Time fixed
  • Moski slightly buffed
  • Ralphina retuned
  • Lenna slightly buffed
  • Challenge Tower
  • Greatly readjusted difficulty
  • Made requirements to unlock more floors easier
  • Adjusted price and effect of veggies/etc.
  • Modified some Challengers
  • Increased appearance rate of warp circles
  • Added different types of floors
    • Elemental floors add weakpoint to Challengers
  • Added C-Accessory Shop
  • Improved Challenge Tower map processing
  • Content Update
  • N/A
Version 1.9.0
  • General Changes
  • Made 2000 limit for enemy AGI
    • Monster House will limit AGI to 2000 during battles
  • Made buffs/debuffs not dependent on LUK
    • State-inducing is LUK-based as usual
  • Using stat-up items no longer exits the menu
    • Their usage is tracked; hardly affects gameplay, so just don't worry about it
  • Fixed bugs with New Game (i.e. village level not increasing)
  • Weaker magic accounts less for enemy MDF
  • Removed "forget skills" functions
  • Made it possible to walk through the river in the village
  • Added ATK Up to Otherworld Shop (forgot)
  • Replaced/adjusted length of some songs for filesize
  • Set 100,000 as chain bonus EXP limit
  • Character Changes
  • All: Added crit to most physical skills
  • All: Minor adjustments (mostly buffs)
  • All: Added 1% HP damage to most physical skills
  • (This will be it for rebalancing, barring major problems.)
  • Content Update
  • New character: Apil
  • New character: Ralphina
  • Challenge Tower added
    • A difficult dungeon with 100 floors!
  • Added skill sort function
    • Menu > Skills > Press Shift (A button) on unneeded skills
    • This will hide skills you don't want
  • Added Auto-Ban function for skills
    • Menu > Skills > Press S (Y button) on skill to ban it
    • When you choose Auto, it won't use banned skills
  • Added Slime to pub
    • You can beat up a defenseless slime!
    • Choose physical or magic slime
  • Added eight-directional movement
  • Increased level limit to 999
    • Increased EXP curve to reach higher levels
    • Updating will keep EXP the same, but lower levels
    • Monster House monsters also have the new limit
  • Increased stat limit to 99,999
    • Stat-up items and restaurant will only go up to 9,999
    • Equips and buffs can raise them past the limit
  • Added stat adjustment function
    • Stat-ups and stats from restaurant can be reduced
    • For people who want to lower stats
Version 1.7.3
  • General Changes
  • N/A
  • Character Changes
  • Priscilla: High Kick power up, priority
  • Yomi: General power increase
  • Arue: Beheading Blade costs 10 TP
  • Arue: Blood of a Dark Lord recovery reduced, costs 50 TP, AGI boost up
  • Content Update
  • New character: Harmony!
  • Added screenshot function (Press Print Screen to save to "screenshot" folder)
Version 1.6.8
  • General Changes
  • Fixed bug with Yomi's Memories never working
  • All characters recover 100 TP on return to pub
  • Character Changes
  • Cherie: Fixed bug with Break Time not activating
  • Yomi: Yomi Power costs 10 TP
  • Holly: Angel Heart now recovers 2% TP each turn
  • Erina: Reaper Eyes now causes 2.5x ATK
  • Erina: Deadly Erina causes 20% HP loss, costs 70 TP
  • Content Update
  • New character: Moski
  • Rare chance of huge boost to village EXP from girls
Version 1.6.3
  • General Changes
  • Slightly increased battle speed
  • Brought back hold-repeat function
    • Shift also works to increase speed (avoids wrong inputs)
  • Lowered village EXP from girls' efforts
  • Added a way to skip the intro
    • Hold Down after selecting New Game
  • Character Changes
  • Aquata: General TP cost reduction
  • Strega: Buffed Strega Meteo, costs 100 TP
  • Ayame: Changed Conceal to halve magic damage
  • Content Update
  • New character: Cherie
  • Expanded Otherworld Shop
    • Made purchases use a shop screen
    • Added more things to buy
Version 1.5.8
  • General Changes
  • Fixed ceiling-climbing bug in Dark Ruins
  • Removed hold-repeat (to avoid auto message skip)
  • Readjusted ATK buffs
  • Increased chance of rare monster spawns
  • Changed unsightly [R] on rare equips to *
  • Character Changes
  • Yomi: Generally increased power of skills
  • Rouge: Mighty Blow re-strengthened, costs 100 TP
  • Robotta: General TP cost reduction
  • Erina: Sweet Deceit costs 10 TP
  • Content Update
  • New character: Spirit Queen (must first defeat second dark lord)
  • Return events
    • Yumel & Selphie
    • Holly & Robotta
Version 1.5.3
  • General Changes
  • Fixed bug with Akari's Memories not appearing
  • Fixed several untranslated skill messages
  • Improved ATK buffs (+50% each time)
  • Character Changes
  • Akari: Letter adjusted
  • Akari: Immortal Might costs 70 TP
  • Lilia: Maid and Claw costs 70 TP
  • Robotta: Rocket Launcher costs 65 TP
  • Rouge: General TP reduction, Mighty Blow buffed
  • Liv: THE Steal stun chance way increased
  • Yumel: Wax Philosophical costs 10 TP
  • Hauyne: Buffs buffed (previously 1 tier, now 2)
  • Ayame: Conceal effect lasts whole battle
  • Felice: Skills have added luck bonus
  • Strega: Strega Meteo costs 60 TP
  • Schildt: Iron Defense costs 20 TP
  • Arue: Absolute Dark costs 70 TP
  • Candy Lix: Sleepy and Random Candy buffed
  • Content Update
  • New character: Yomi
Version 1.4.8
  • General Changes
  • Changed enemy EXP (general increase)
  • Improved chance of summoning new girls
  • Moved Priscilla (to same left-side table as Liv)
  • Improved chance of new return events
  • Increased item hold limit to 99
  • Moved absorb village EXP option to pub fireplace
  • Reduced chain bonus EXP (sorry)
  • Added sell price to equips (now worth selling!)
  • Character Changes
  • Ayame: Changed Absolute Shadow mechanics
  • Arue: Generally buffed skills
  • Felice: Highly Effective Herbs costs 40 TP
  • Strega: Buffed Strega Meteo
  • Schildt: Buffed Armor Break
  • Rouge: Buffed Mighty Blow
  • Holly: Buffed Holy Drain
  • Robotta: Buffed Rocket Launcher
  • Lilia: Buffed Maid and Claw
  • Erina: Deadly Erina lasts 5 turns, costs 40 TP
  • Erina: Reaper Eyes costs 10 TP
  • Red Witch: Fire Attack costs 10 TP
  • Red Witch: Red Witch costs 30 TP
  • Content Update
  • Village defense
    • Added up to Tier 30 (MAX)
    • Victory gives you stat-up items
    • Losing drops enemy strength only 5 tiers
  • New character: Akari
  • Added volume controls (from "option" menu on title)
  • Added "EXPointless" accessory to pub (0x EXP)
Version 1.4.3
  • General Changes
  • N/A
  • Character Changes
  • Priscilla: Stronghold lasts 10 turns, take 80% damage
  • Red Witch: Increased chance on burn-inducing skills
    • Hee Hee Hee boosts MAT by more
  • Schildt: Provoke now boosts ATK
  • Sakia: All-Nighter costs 20 TP
  • Rouge: General buffs to skill power
  • Cammy: Illustrations redrawn
    • Kitty Attack! made to cost 0 TP
    • Kitty Poison! chances increased (5x)
    • Kitty Totter! added: increases all allies' evasion
    • Kitty Counter! added: enter counter stance, 3x ATK
    • Groom added: recover 20 TP, cures ailments, ATK up
  • Content Update
  • N/A
Version 1.4.2
  • General Changes
  • Fixed bug that caused invisible people in dungeons
  • Halved effect of MAT buffs
  • Added logo at game start (kept forgetting)
  • Switched "Summon" and "Manage party" options
  • Holding down Confirm picks commands (pseudo-Repeat)
  • Changed "Defend" TP gain to 8
  • Made Otherworld Shop open only after first Dark Lord
    • Secret code: Check the sign 10 times to make it go away
  • Character Changes
  • Lara: Adjusted power of High Schooler Combo
  • Lara: High Schooler Machinegun uses 30 TP
  • Lara: General increase in firepower
  • Dieh: Better odds for Get Cursed
    • Curse status drains HP more often
  • Arue: Beheading Blade attack up, stun rate up
  • Content Update
  • New character: Priscilla!
  • Added Monster House
    • Can give girl EXP (if you want to lower girls' levels)
    • Can give Ralph's stats (if you want to lower Ralph's stats)
    • Can defend the village (they'll take care of attacks)
    • Can playfight (raise them to make the ultimate foes?)
    • Opens after first Dark Lord (or check sign 10 times)
    • Nine monster types in all
  • Unique monsters appear in dungeons
    • Defeat to recruit them at Monster House
    • Will appear after first visit to Monster House
  • Added White Flag item
    • Use to admit defeat in battle (obtained at game start)
  • New return events
    • Priscilla
    • Erina & Priscilla
    • Strega & Red Witch
Version 1.3.7
  • General Changes
  • Improved odds of summoning new girls
  • Sped up skipping through return results
  • Moved Reset Clown to top-left
  • Normal attack TP gain changed from 5 to 6
  • Added 3 TP gain when using magic
  • Fixed 5-digit HP display in battle
  • Fixed bug with chain bonuses stopping
  • Fixed power of Saint and Shade
  • Character Changes
  • Rogue: Buffed Mighty Blow
  • Strega: Magic Berserker made to cost 80 TP, consume 25% MP each turn
  • Lenna: Fixed Super Brawler Punch
  • Lenna: Buffed Knux Machinegun
  • Robotta: Adjusted Rocket Launcher
  • Arue: Beheading Blade made to cost 20 TP, power adjusted, induces Stun
  • Arue: Absolute Dark adds way more to stats
  • Candy Lix: Sweet Candy gives 1.5 MDF, made to cost 30 TP
  • Erina: Imprisoned Body made to cost 35 TP
  • Lara: Reduces TP cost of all skills
  • Lara: Buffed High Schooler Spiral
  • Ayame: Swift Feet replaced with Conceal (Gives user 1% hit chance, 80% damage from magic)
  • Ayame: 2x better assassination odds
  • Ayame: Absolute Shadow made to cost 30 TP
  • Sakia: Talk Your Head Off absorbs HP instead
  • Liv: Steal Yourself increases ATK and AGI
  • Selphie: Eat on the Can replaced with Hysteria (Lose control, but get more attacks per turn)
  • Content Update
  • New character: the Red Witch!
  • Added 15 after-used Goral lines (why)
  • Raised village level cap (to 100)
    • If you already have the EXP, anything that adds EXP will level you up to the correct level.
  • Added stronger magic
    • Available at Magic Shop after level 20. (Generally one new tome per 5 levels.)
    • The item and accessory shops fill out at level 18.
  • Overall stats (tracked starting with this version)
    • Battles, dungeon dives, chests opened, defense wins
    • Tracked in a book in the bar. Purely a bonus.
    • The book will be blue if you start a new game now, and yellow if you transferred from earlier versions.
  • Added skill-forget option for Ralph to Magic Shop
  • New return events
    • Arue & Holly
    • Sakia & Iris
    • Liv & Hauyne
    • Rouge & Lenna
    • Erina & Red Witch 1
    • Erina & Red Witch 2
    • Red Witch & Candy Lix
Version 1.3.2
  • General Changes
  • Equipment God Sword fixed
  • Item Revherb now recovers 30% HP
  • Item All-Drink no longer cures ailments
  • Item Refresher cures more ailments
  • Modified Protect (HP irrelevant, can guard all-party attacks)
  • Modified Darkness status (Guaranteed misses)
  • Adjusted strength of dungeon 5-8 monsters
  • Changed holy ruins BGM (overlap with Otherworld)
  • Strong foes less suspectible to instadeath, etc.
  • Village defense bosses given similar resistances
  • Fixed bug with getting a "blank" weapon
  • Allowed 999 of each item in storage
  • Character Changes
  • Fixed Ralph forgetting Dark Lord's Respite
  • Made Ralph's "Hero's Resolve" do 30% damage
  • Lara buffed (Less TP use)
  • Aquata buffed, skills reworked
  • Dieh buffed (Less TP use, 5x LUK from Convince Self)
  • Strega buffed, skills reworked (Magic Body lasts whole battle, greater firepower with Magic Berserker)
  • Felice buffed, skills reworked
  • Hauyne buffed (Some skills reduced to 0 TP)
  • Sakia buffed (Less TP use, Talk Your Head Off damages, no Darkness from The Art of War)
  • Yumel buffed (Less TP use, Counseling buffed)
  • Selphie buffed (Less TP use)
  • Schildt buffed (Less TP use, The Best Defense buffed)
  • Rouge slightly buffed (Less affected by enemy DEF)
  • Holly buffed (Switched Will of Heaven for Sadism)
  • Lenna buffed (Renamed skills, more power)
  • Robotta buffed (Rocket Launcher)
  • Lilia buffed (Maid and Claw)
  • Arue nerfed (More TP use, changed Respite, Commander)
  • Fixed Arue's Absolute Dark
  • Candy Lix buffed (Less TP use, Sleep Candy more likely)
  • Fixed Erina's Reaper Eyes
  • Gave Erina's Deadly Erina priority
  • Sion slightly buffed (Priority for Hyperoptic Suit)
  • Content Update
  • New character Iris
  • Added function to forget skills (when talking to girls)
  • Added 20 bounties
    • Otherworld expanded
    • Guild info added to
  • Rewards for chain battles in dungeons
    • Defeating more foes in a row gets more chain EXP
    • Reset on return to village, or if you flee
    • Better bonuses in harder dungeons
    • Strong foes give three bonuses
  • Changed defense mechanics and added monsters
    • Village level not used; winning moves to next tier
    • Losing resets defense monster strength tier
    • Goes up to Tier 22 (4 tiers added)
  • Group return events (if all characters involved have joined)
    • Lara & Aquata & Sion
    • Dieh & Strega
    • Holly & Candy Lix
    • Felice & Iris
    • Sakia & Lara & Selphie
    • Lilia & Liv

Guides (May Have Spoilers)
Village Levels
Level Total EXP
1 0
2 300
3 1,200
4 2,700
5 4,800
6 7,500
7 10,800
8 14,700
9 19,200
10 24,300
11 30,000
12 36,300
13 43,200
14 50,700
15 58,800
16 67,500
17 76,800
18 86,700
19 97,200
20 108,300
25 172,800
30 252,300
35 346,800
40 456,300
45 580,800
50 720,300
55 874,800
60 1,044,300
65 1,228,800
70 1,428,300
75 1,642,800
80 1,872,300
85 2,116,800
90 2,376,300
95 2,650,800
100 2,940,300

Getting Village EXP

The village's level goes up to 100, with experience requirements following the pattern 300 * PreviousLevel2.

Girls who stay behind at the village provide EXP each expedition, which goes as high as their LUK and as low as... slightly less than that. Shopping at the Item, Spell, and Accessory Shops adds GoldSpent/10 EXP. Selling items at the Guild adds GoldEarned/10 EXP.

When you defend the village, you earn EnemyTier * 100 EXP. When you fail to defend it, you lose VillageLevel * 200 EXP.

Effects of Leveling Village

The Item and Spell Shops get one more item/low-level spell in stock each level up to 18. At level 20, the Spell Shop starts getting a new high-level spell every 5 levels up to 80. The Accessory Shop gets new, more affectionate gifts at level 4, 7, 10, and 13.

Defense encounters are unrelated to village level; you advance to a harder tier every time you win, and go back to 1 when you lose.

Restaurant meals add more stat points at higher village levels, and are also twice as effective if the stats in question are low. (This stat check is based on the stats with equipment rather than base stats, so unequip Ralph for best effect.)

The HP/MP meals add 5 * Level, but it's 10 * Level if you have less than 1000 in the stat. ATK/DEF/MAT/MDF/AGI/LUK are all 1 * Level, but 2 * Level if you have less than 150 in the stat. (It's coded to go one level at a time, so if it crosses over the "low stat" threshold midway, it will switch to the lesser one.)

Max Stats

Ralph can gain stats through various means: the restaurant, stat-up items, and training while doing Challenge Tower. These stat boosts have no real limit and can take him up to flat-out maximum stats: 999,999 HP, and 99,999 everything else.

Since the girls get stats from leveling, they are limited in how many stat gains they can get. Every point they gain is tracked, and they can't gain any more than 1,000 extra points in a stat (for HP, it's 10,000). Extra points can be checked (and adjusted) from the fireplace after beating the first Dark Lord. Thus, the max stats for girls are what her Level 999 base stats are, plus 1,000/10,000.

Map ID Target Rec. Level Reward
Forest Dungeon
2 Alkaid 8 1,000 G
3 Autunna 10 3,000 G
4 Sleeping Beauty 15 5,000 G
9 Naga Raja 20 8,000 G
8 Parasite 25 13,000 G
Earth Dungeon
1 Conquistador 10 1,500 G
4 Zion 17 3,600 G
9 Tyrannus 23 8,500 G
10 Demon Mail 30 12,000 G
8 Dwarf Knight 34 15,000 G
Fire Dungeon
2 Shadow Bind 11 1,800 G
4 Soul Hunter 17 4,000 G
6 Dark Matter 30 18,000 G
7 Hades 38 25,000 G
8 Puppet Master 45 40,000 G
Dark Lord's Castle
3 Tayu 18 12,000 G
4 Ghost King 24 18,000 G
5 Beast Tamer 35 23,000 G
7 Hecteyes 43 30,000 G
8 Lucifer 60 50,000 G
Snow Forest Dungeon
2 Lady Rogue 30 30,000 G
4 Mudman 50 35,000 G
8 Primavera 60 40,000 G
9 Blade Dragon 70 45,000 G
6 Forest Slave 80 50,000 G
Holy Ruins Dungeon
1 Saint Vizier 50 40,000 G
3 Beast Dinas 70 50,000 G
4 Pumpkin Head 80 70,000 G
5 Honey Trap 90 90,000 G
6 Puppet Ghost 100 120,000 G
Dark Ruins Dungeon
1 High General 55 50,000 G
2 Death Empress 75 80,000 G
3 Sorcier 90 100,000 G
4 Dark Beauty 110 130,000 G
10 Quetzalcoatl 120 150,000 G
True Dark Lord's Castle
1 Smileys Three 80 90,000 G
2 Serpent Lady 95 100,000 G
4 Fish Rider 110 120,000 G
5 Kraken 130 200,000 G
7 Ox Demon 150 300,000 G
Tree Trial
3 Skull Mage 200 200,000 G
5 Sword Knight 230 230,000 G
6 Primavega 260 260,000 G
9 Zayu 290 290,000 G
10 Serial Killer 320 320,000 G
Ice Trial
3 Proquistador 350 350,000 G
4 Omegacoatl 380 380,000 G
5 Zraken 410 410,000 G
6 Autunnga 440 240,000 G
7 Empress 470 470,000 G
Darkness Trial
4 Estata 500 500,000 G
6 Elizabeth 530 130,000 G
8 Blue Matter 560 560,000 G
9 Honey Dearest 590 590,000 G
10 Azrael 630 1,000,000 G
Windy Forest
1 Alkaidga 80 150,000 G
2 Autunnga 100 190,000 G
3 Sleepinga Beauty 150 250,000 G
4 Naga Rajaga 200 300,000 G
5 Parasitega 250 380,000 G
Goblin Mine
1 Conquistadorga 100 220,000 G
2 Zionga 170 290,000 G
3 Tyrannusga 230 330,000 G
4 Demon Mailga 300 410,000 G
5 Dwarf Knightga 340 550,000 G
Rock Canyon
1 Shadow Bindga 110 210,000 G
2 Soul Hunga 170 280,000 G
3 Dark Matga 300 380,000 G
4 Hadesga 380 450,000 G
5 Puppet Masga 450 600,000 G
New! Dark Lord's Castle
1 Tayuga 180 300,000 G
2 Ghost Kinga 240 350,000 G
3 Beast Tamerga 350 450,000 G
4 Hecteyega 430 650,000 G
5 Luciferga 600 1,000,000 G

You can use Goral to guarantee encountering a certain Map ID to ensure you find a wanted monster.

After beating Part 3, The Dark Lord appears as a secret bounty on map 9 of the first Dark Lord's Castle, with a reward of 1,000,000 G.


Lara is always summoned automatically in the intro. All the other girls are picked completely at random when you use a Summon Stone.

If it picks a girl you already summoned, it rolls the dice again in an attempt to get one you haven't. After enough rerolls without a new girl, it will eventually settle for the Memories item of a girl you already have. (The Memories are chosen without regard for which ones you've gotten; it'll gladly give you useless duplicates.)

Candy Lix can only be summoned after you defeat her; she appears on the stairs of Forest Dungeon Floor ID #1.
Dark Lord Arue can only be summoned after you defeat her in Part 2.
Spirit Queen can only be summoned after beating Part 2.
Carrot can only be summoned after beating Part 4.

Leffy comes to the village after three losses in battle. Challenge and beat her to have her join.
Haeti joins at the end of Part 4.
Anth joins at the end of Part 6.

Bonus Characters (Steam Only)

There's an Extra Room in the pub where you can summon bonus characters with codes. (The barrel blocking the entrance disappears once you defeat the bonus boss after Part 6.) Bonus characters are basically battle members only - they have no affection convos or other scenes.

Currently, there are two bonus characters: I'm A Dark Lord and Deste.


You gain 1 affection with a girl every "weak enemy" you battle with her in the party, and can give accessories as gifts to add more. Every time you have a new conversation with a girl in the pub, even the first 0-affection one, you also get 5 bonus affection points.

Every 100 affection you get with a girl up to 1500, you have a conversation the next time you talk to her in the pub. Special conversations with an illustration occur at 800. 2000 is the requirement to enter the hot springs. However, affection will continue to go up far past this without any sort of limit.

Affection's only gameplay effect is on the (Name) Heart skills from the hot springs, which do "Affection - Enemy Defense" damage.

After beating Part 1, a clown will appear in the top-left of the village who resets the conversation flags, allowing you to rewatch them.

Return Scene/Defense Mechanics

There are "plot" scenes that play after your first expedition and after first beating each dungeon. Plot scenes take precedent over everything else.

If there are no plot scenes to play, there's a 30% chance it'll pick a random return scene. (You can guarantee this by holding down Shift; it does the check after the "girls' contributions" part is complete.) If you have the girl(s) for the random scene and have not seen it, it will play; otherwise, it will reroll up to 90 times.

If no scene is chosen, it checks if the village should be attacked. The village cannot be attacked if there are less than two girls working in the village. If there are enough girls, and you've gone at least one trip without an attack, then it's possible there will be an attack. The odds increase the longer you go without one, becoming a certainty after eight times.

Challenge Tower

After beating the first Dark Lord, you unlock Challenge Tower left from the village.

There's a boss every 10 floors, and beating it will give you a checkpoint you can return to from the base. Beating the 100F boss will get you the C-Charger when you return to the Challenge Tower area. This is a one-of-a-kind accessory that gives the holder 5x EXP gain.

In addition to CP gained in battles and from Tower chests, there are three CP bonuses. The C-Floor bonus simply gives FloorNum CP when you reach a new floor, maxing out at 1000. The C-Win bonus gives you FloorNum * 5 CP for beating normal enemies on a floor. The C-Wipe bonus gives you FloorNum * 10 CP for losing to normal enemies, but maxes at 1000.

Switches cost FloorNum * 5 CP (up to 5000) per use. They cause random effects, all beneficial. Either the party gets recovered for HP/MP/TP/all three, or you get an advantage in the next Challenger battle.

After beating 100F, if you've done 30 dungeon dives, floors 101 to 1000 will unlock when you enter the lobby. Here, there's a boss and checkpoint every 100 floors. But don't worry - warp circles start to appear after 100F.

Warp circles will take you up a random amount of floors, as many as 30 (there's about a 21% chance of going up 30). Obviously, warp circles will stop at boss floors. No skipping past those, unfortunately. Beating the 1000F boss will get you the C-Magic Herb, which halves magic cost.

After beating 1000F, if you've used enough stat-ups to add a total of 1,000 stat points, you unlock up to 9999F. You guessed it - a boss every 1000 floors. But the warp circles change to accomodate.

Warp circles on 1001F and up will take you up as many as 200 floors, with about a 13% chance of reaching that limit. Beating the 9999F boss (good luck) will get you the C-Magic Avoid, which adds 50% magic evasion.

Monster House

The Monster House opens up in the top-right of the village after beating the first Dark Lord. After first visiting the Monster House, recruitable monsters will appear in dungeons.

There are nine monsters in total: you start with the Dragon, and there's one to recruit on "Floor ID #1" of the first 8 dungeons. Monsters level up from EXP and get stat increases on curves like any party member, even using new skills in battle at higher levels. When Ralph gives monsters stats directly, these are simply added directly onto their base stats.

If you raise a monster to Level 100+ and then beat it, you get the Monster Heart. When equipped on Ralph, enemy remarks and thoughts will appear at the start of battle.

When monsters are set to defend the village, the matchup is based on the total levels of all monsters. Specifically, this total level is compared against the enemy tier multiplied by a random value from 5 to 200 (y-yeah). Consequences are the same as winning or losing with the girls, except you don't lose village EXP if your monsters lose. So activating monster defenses lets you ignore attacks, basically. The main disadvantage is girls in reserve don't get to level up from it.

Enemy Spawn Mechanics

By default, about 85% of all possible enemy spawns placed in a map will actually spawn an enemy. When Goral is told to reduce enemies, about 25% spawn. When told to increase them, 100% of them spawn.

About 68% of enemy spawns are "weak" (slimes), 16% are "strong" (reapers), and 16% are "rare" (yellow ghosts). However, there can only be as many as two "special" (strong or rare) spawns per floor.

Chest Mechanics

There is a 90% chance for a chest to be red, 8% for it to be blue, and 2% for it to be silver.

Loot has five types: item, weapon, armor, gold, or furniture. The type is picked randomly with even distribution. However, blue/silver chests will never contain gold, and there's a 50% chance red ones will reroll in an attempt to "avoid" gold.

If "item" is picked, the item is chosen at random from a pool of 29. "Gold" is just a random multiple of 100, from 100 to 400.

Each dungeon has an upper limit on the quality of weapons/armor from their chests, which is higher in the more difficult dungeons. Blue chests have better odds of approaching "max quality," and silver chests have the best odds. (Decent/Superb qualifiers are based on distance from the maximum, and the rare (*) items are the top six each dungeon can yield.)

Some dungeons have a few special grayish-brown chests in fixed positions. These chests always contain a Summon Stone, but disappear for good once they've been collected. Regular chests also have a 1/29 chance of containing Summon Stones... if the chest contains an item. So if you want to farm them, have Goral set chests to items only.

Dungeon NPCs


Fight him and win for Dungeon Pillar type furniture (8 total).


Keep donating to get Statue furniture at total milestones. The milestones are 1, 1,500, 5,000, 15,000, 38,000, 70,000, 120,000. 200,000 gives you the Legendary Cross furniture. After this is 210,000, then it increases by 50,000 each time, but it only gives a random Statue repeat.


The number of times he jumps shows his hand: 1 for Rock, 2 for Paper, 3 for Scissors. You get random furniture (13 total) for winning; pots, barrels, boxes, etc.


Always sells two random standard chest items. The number of furniture items he has is based on halving odds: he's guaranteed to have 1 furniture item, has a 50% chance for a second, a 25% chance for a third, etc. These items come from the general furniture selection (20 types total, cost 20,000 G). For each piece of furniture, there's also a 50% chance that a run-down bed will be sold as well (4 types total, cost 30,000 G).


When you first meet him, you give him an investment for his next adventure. Next time you meet, he'll repay you items based on your last investment. Your total accumulated investment also helps - the true value used for calculations is LastInvestment + Total/50.

Repayment can be as many as 10 items, selected at random from three choices. When an item is picked, it "uses up" some investment, and it stops when it gets too low or hits 10 items.

a) Random Model furniture (47 total), using 30,000 of your investment.
b) A random Veggies stat-up item, using 9,000 of your investment.
c) A standard chest item, using 1,000 of your investment.
If you don't end up with any items, you get a consolation potion.


Give her 10,000 of Ralph's EXP for a random selection of furniture (23 total).

Pressure Lady

50-50 chance to either give Ralph 150 max HP and heal him, or take 100 max HP and put him near death. If the latter happens, she also gives you an item from a small selection of random furniture (6 total).

Mash Gramps

Mash the button. If you get over 20, you get random furniture (9 total). You get 100 village EXP for each hit.

Moody Girl

Randomly has one of four moods:
1. Average. Nothing happens.
2. Really good. Random furniture (7 total): a teddy bear, rabbit, or presents.
3. Foul mood. Ralph takes 10,000 damage.
4. Gloomy. Mugged for 5,000 G.

Hidden Functions
  • Holding Down after choosing New Game will skip the intro.
  • Holding Shift when leaving the bar will warp you to House Park, and vice versa.
  • Holding Shift when using a capsule machine will let you get three capsules at once.
  • Holding Shift after the "girl contributions" part of returning to the village will improve the odds of a return event appearing.
  • After beating Part 4, holding Shift when talking to a girl in the pub will make her challenge you. (It's 1 in 15 otherwise.)

Miscellaneous Secrets
  • An endless supply of EXPointless accessories, which make people get 0 EXP, are hidden in the bookcase in the pub.
  • After beating Part 1, the fireplace in the pub will let you reduce stats and village EXP.
  • The Otherworld, Monster House, Challenge Tower, and Extra Room can be entered early by checking the sign/rocks/barrel 10 times.
  • An old lady who randomly appears as a village NPC gives out Healer Tomes; Healer is a full-party healing spell.
  • Walkmaster, who randomly appears as a village NPC, pays 1 G for every step you've taken.
  • After beating Part 4, dungeon bosses on the first continent have a 50-50 chance of transforming into secret bosses.

Translation Notes
(These contain spoilers for all aspects of the game. Only read after you've beaten it fully.)

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