1bitHeart is a friend-making adventure game by △○□× (Miwashiba) made in WOLF RPG Editor. It's a story-oriented game with a focus on making friends around town.

Nanashi is a young, reclusive boy in a high-tech world governed by programs.
One day, a girl suddenly appears in his room, and proposes that Nanashi go out and make friends.
He decides to give it a try, but just as he does, odd things start to happen around town...

(Content Severity: Generally Mild)

Click here for content warnings.

Suicide mention.
One friend event with offscreen animal death.
One friend event with threats of self-harm.
One friend event with an optional horror segment with some jumpscares.
(The horror segment is preceded by a warning, and can be skipped if you say no.)
Implications of a romance between an adult and a young teen.
Offscreen poisoning.
Some mild swearing.

Download 1bitHeart 1.05 | (Mirror)

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1bitHeart is now available on Steam for $3.
The game will remain free here, but you can show Miwashiba your support by purchasing it.

Supported Platforms

The game's engine is made for Windows only, with no native support for other platforms. To play on Mac, you can try a general-purpose tool like WineBottler.


Make sure to extract the game to its own folder instead of running directly from the ZIP file. If you don't do so, any saves made will be lost the next time you run the game.

If the game freezes your computer on startup, it's likely caused by a problem with auto-installing fonts. Go into the Data folder, install all of the fonts, then delete the font files and try running the game again. It's supposed to install them automatically, but this seems to freeze some systems - deleting the fonts will stop it from trying.

If dialogue doesn't show up or uses the wrong font (which may cause cutoff text), manually install the fonts in the Data folder.

The parts where you must enter a sequence of buttons have had input issues, though they should be ironed out now. If Z, X, or C do nothing, alternative buttons should work: use Space or Enter for "Z," Escape or Backspace for "X," and Shift for "C."


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


A straightforward plot walkthrough. Click or highlight the black boxes to show spoiler text.


Chapter 1

Talk to Mikado.
Return to Nanashi's bed.
Talk to Mikado again.

You can introduce yourself to everyone around town.
To advance the plot, talk to the boy to the left of the shrine gate in Sunset Hill.
Go inside the candy store to the left and talk to the old lady.

Go to 307 Tower in Blue Sun Street. Go to 5F and talk to the boy.
Leave the tower and go right, and talk to the girl standing outside Rat Ear.
Return to the Manta Swimming School and walk to the right.

Talking Time:

Keep listening, then present the "Choco-Banana Flavor" topic after he mentions ice cream.
In part two, when he mentions nicknames, present "Nickname: Orca."

Return to Nanashi's apartment and talk to Mikado.
Go to Nanashi's bed.
Talk to Miumi outside the apartment.

Go to Sunset Hill and talk to Natsukage where you first found him.
Return to 307 Tower, and you'll encounter Miumi on the way.

Discussion Time:

When Misane mentions Natsukage having no memory, bring up Wounded Leg.
Choose "Because he's nice."
Present Friends' Behavior.

Go to the Manta Swimming School.

Talking Time:

When he mentions loving sports, present Sky-Sea-Run.
In part two, when he says "Orko," call him out ("Wait a sec!") with Nickname: Orca.
Choose "Wounded leg."
Present Wounded Leg.

During the attack, press the keys shown in order from left to right.
For the D-pad buttons, the direction in gray is the one to press.

Return home and talk to Mikado.

Free Time

During Free Time, you're able to befriend townspeople.
Consult the Friend Guide further down for more info.
It's not necessary to befriend everyone available for completion; you can return in later Free Times.
In the Free Time after Chapter 1, you can get up to a total of 18 friends.

When you've finished your business in Free Time, talk to Misane in Nanashi's room to continue.

Chapter 2

Leave for the new area, CocoAlley.
Talk to the boy outside the flower shop.

Proceed to the left screen of CocoAlley and go through the gate to Honey Garden.
Talk to Moroku, the gardener.
Talk to Natsukage outside the garden gate.

Return to the flower shop, go inside, and talk to the woman.

Go back to Nanashi's apartment in Blue Sun Street and talk to Mikado.

Return to the garden gate in CocoAlley and talk to Natsukage.

Talking Time:

"Ask for more" about "don't want to use my hands" to get the Band topic.
Present the Band topic to "playing piano elsewhere."
Compliment him with the third option.
In part two, present Witness Report 2 to the comment about "coming here looking for it for days now."

Talk to Moroku in the garden.
Talk to Haruya outside the flower shop.

Talking Time:

Ask for more about the first statement (when he last went to see Moroku).
Present the "Haruya" topic to that revised statement to point out the discrepancy.

Go to the cafe and talk to Rocca.
Return to Natsukage outside the garden.

Discussion Time:

When Miumi mentions "knowing who the kid is," present Witness Report 4.

Go to the garden and talk to the white-haired kid.
Go to the cafe and talk to the owner.

Talking Time:

Ask for more when he describes his relation with Haruya. He'll then revise his statement.
After he clarifies that Haruya's habits "haven't changed lately," call him out ("Wait a sec!") with Cafe.
In part two, ask about "Haruya told me about the incident" to get the Cafe Conversation topic.
Ask about "Haruya doesn't want to suspect anyone." He'll revise to add his own opinion.
Choose "Wait a sec!" after he says "Chino told me about...", and pick Cafe Conversation.
Present Haruya's Memories to the owner's bluff.

Go to the garden.
Return home and talk to Mikado.

Free Time

In the Free Time after Chapter 2, you can get up to a total of 26 friends.
When you've finished your business in Free Time, talk to Misane in Mikado's room to continue.

Chapter 3

Leave for the new area, Break Passage.
Talk to the boy right by the entrance.
Enter the studio and talk to the boy on the right.

Go to WAC Burger left of the studio and talk to the lady.
Go to the Backstreet way on the left and talk to Ryuuri.

Return to the studio and talk to Asuto.
Talk to Haruya on the left side of town.
Enter the arcade (Rocket Park) and talk to the guy there.

Talking Time:

Ask for more about how Aira "hasn't lived for very long" to get Only Just Born?
Then present Only Just Born? at that same part.
In part two, present Illegal App to "what else would I have used?"

Go into the warehouse to the left and talk to the girl.
Return to Nanashi's apartment and talk to Mikado.

Talking Time:

Ask for more about "certain people I don't trust" to get Certain People.
Present Certain People at that same part.
In part two, ask for more about "someone else separate from the hackers."
This will update The Other with the possibility of them being Mikado.
Ask for more after Mikado agrees there's likely "an individual commanding the hackers."
(It's the one that ends with "maybe you're seeing the path to a resolution").
After he revises it, choose "Wait a sec!" and The Other at that part.

Return to Break Passage and talk to Akitaka outside the studio.
Go to the Backstreet and talk to Aira.

Talking Time:

Ask for more on "Maybe!" to have her explicitly state she's human.
Then use "Wait a sec!" with Is Aira Human? on the same statement.

During the virus segment, there's a new thing at the end.
Press the button when the bar is full to get past it.
Return home.

Talking Time:

Ask for more on "I don't know Mikado" to get Mikado & Misane.
Then "Wait a sec!" with Mikado & Misane on that same part.

Free Time

In the Free Time after Chapter 3, you can get up to a total of 35 friends.

Chapter 4

Leave for the new area, Sweet Beach.
Go to the beach proper and talk to Aira.

Talk to the girl on the right side of town.
Go into the fortune teller's to the left and talk to the woman inside.
Go to the pet cafe way on the left of town and talk to the boy inside.

Talk to Haruya by the entrance to the beach.
Talk to Izuchi on the beach.

Talking Time:

Ask for more when Izuchi assumes Nanashi isn't influenced by others to get Irregularity?.
Present Irregularity? at the same section.
In part two, call him out with White-Haired Person when he claims he and the girl aren't acquainted.
Answer "Guinea pig and criminal."
Present Potete's Memories to his bluff.

Talk to Akitaka outside the beach entrance.
Talk to Potete on the right side of town.
Go to the beach.
Talk to Izuchi on the right side of town.

Talking Time:

Present Hackers' Objective when Izuchi supposes there's a mastermind.

Go to the beach.
Talk to Kirai outside the beach entrance.
Go to the cafe in CocoAlley and talk to Kotora.
Return to Sweet Beach and talk to Tobari on the right side of town.

Return home to Nanashi's bed.
For the objective, choose Hackers' Objective.
For the difference, choose The Other's Goal.
For the identity, choose The Other's Identity.

Talk to Mikado in his room.
Choose Can't Read His Mind?

Final Time

Go make as many friends as necessary; the max is 44.
When you're done, talk to Misane in Nanashi's room.
This is the point of no return for changing which ending you're getting.

Go outside and check on Miumi.
Go to 307 Tower and take the elevator to the Control Room.
Delete the three sets of viruses along the way and walk to the end.

The Bad Ending requires you make no additional friends (so only the 8 plot ones).
The Normal Ending requires at least 9 friends.
The Happy Ending requires at least 25 friends.


After the Happy Ending, you can go befriend everyone, including the hackers and Misane.
Mikado won't let you engage him until you've befriended all 48 others.

Once you've befriended Mikado, you can access a bonus scenario from BitWorld.

Chapter XXX

Talking Time:

When Natsukage says it was "only an argument," present Victim's Room.
In part two, present the Memo Pad to "he was taking notes."

Investigate the scene in Room 102.
Go to Room 103.

Talking Time:

Ask for more about the shouting to get Yoh's Testimony.
Present Yoh's Testimony to "I didn't even know he was a guest."
In part two, ask for more when Yoh says "that's all I did" and suggests talking to the other worker.
Call him out on the revised statement ("I didn't carry it to him") with Memo Pad 2.

Talking Time:

With Miumi, present Memo Pad 2 to "I couldn't meet Mr. Kawano."
Choose "he was lashing out in the hall."
Present Doorknob.

Go to Room 102.
Go to Room 103.

Talking Time:

Ask for more when he says "the reflection was blinding" to make him mention the ring.
"Wait a sec!" with Thrown Objects to the revised statement.
Present Ring.
Present What Was Poisoned.
Present Dirty Apron.

Friend Guide

A guide to befriending people during Free Time. May contain some spoilers regarding who can be befriended and what presents people like.

Friend Guide

General Info

There are two categories of friends:
Those who are befriended as part of the plot, and those who aren't.

Plot Friends

They will be added to your Friend List in BitWorld upon befriending them in the plot.
However, you can still give then presents during Free Time, as long as they're around.
Getting them to 100 fondness points gets you a single Friend Event and their Friend Item.

Non-Plot Friends

These friends can only be befriended during Free Time at the end of a chapter.
They have four Friend Events, one every 25 fondness points.
The final event at 100 points will both add them to your Friend List and give you their Friend Item.

Note: The Friend List bios come with bonus Mutter logs if you press Confirm (Z/Enter/Space).
Also note the difference between Friend Items in the ITEM menu and the Friend List in BitWorld.

The number of friends Nanashi has at the end will affect the ending.
You'll be free to ignore friend-making entirely until the last Free Time with no consequences.
In fact, making no friends until the end will be the easiest way to see every ending.

Bad End: 8 Friends (plot friends only)
Normal End: 9+ Friends
Happy End: 25+ Friends


Each person has three "favorite" presents, which result in unique messages when you give them.
Two of the favorite presents will add 15 fondness points, and one of them adds 20. All other presents add 5.

*s mark the gift which is most cost-effective for each person. (Some have two equivalent ones.)
A * on the person's name means their "best" favorite item has a ratio worse or equal to 1 point : 2 bits.
You can get 1:2 with Umai?bos even if they're not a favorite. Thus, Umai?bos are best for them.

Main Characters
Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Natsukage Lettuce-jiro BEAUTY IS PORK Ice Cream Pop*
Miumi Umai?bo* Love Takoyaki Angler Mochi
Haruya* Milky Cookies Lucky Turn Black Cocoa
Akitaka Coola Cola* Guilty Cards Fingerless Gloves
Aira Muscle Protein Rolly Beads* USB Player
Potete Palm Mix Wolpis Coola Cola*
Sunset Hill
Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Yasune Umai?bo* Ice Cream Pop Lettuce-jiro
Shitara Cold Remedy Stomach Meds Love Takoyaki*
Kuroku/Shiroro Soda Cider Love Takoyaki Ice Cream Pop*
Hakuhi Angler Mochi Cold Remedy Heavy Star Ramen*
Takamiya Heavy Star Ramen Muscle Protein Stomach Meds*
Shiren Umai?bo* Heavy Star Ramen Lettuce-jiro
Kaori Cold Remedy* Bunny Memo Pad* Sec-C
Blue Sun Street
Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Kiri Umai?bo* Angler Mochi Muscle Protein
Sakuma* BEAUTY IS PORK Tummy Tummy Ache Ao Haru Road
Sekiyu Tongue Twister Index Ice Cream Pop* Soda Cider
Yukinaga Soda Cider Ice Cream Pop* SEVEN PEACE
Akuta Ao Haru Road Bunny Memo Pad* Angler Mochi
Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Rocca Rolly Beads* Milky Cookies Flower Bandage
Chino* Black Cocoa Milky Cookies Flower Tea
Sora* Blankit Snug Scarf Star Sand
Moroku Lucky Turn Black Cocoa Breadcrumbs*
Akashi Flower Bandage Manly Eye Mask Milky Cookies*
Misato Kitten Scrunchie Blankit Rolly Beads*
Momori* Manly Eye Mask Flower Tea GIRLS
Break Passsage
Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Enri Coola Cola* Morning Glory Fan Wolpis
Asuto Big WAC Black Bandana Larikkuma Stick*
Azusa Wolpis Coola Cola* Big WAC
Jin Big WAC Morning Glory Fan* Victory Token
Hiyu Wolpis Fingerless Gloves USB Player*
Yuuto* Wolpis Milky Cookies Flower Tea
Ryuuri Cross Ring* Rainbow Afro Fingerless Gloves
Kirara Cross Ring Rainbow Afro Sparkly Polish*
Sweet Beach
Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Sagara Guilty Cards Cross Ring* Chocolate Cake
Meu Rainbow Afro Vacation Jelly Palm Mix*
Izuchi* Koala Cigarette Cold Remedy Victory Token
Saaya Blankit Kitten Scrunchie Cross Ring*
Mary* Stomach Meds Vacation Jelly Large Lollipop
Meru Palm Mix Rainbow Afro Teeny Bikini*
Hitohito Soda Cider Coola Cola Kittytail*
Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Nomiya Coola Cola* Angler Mochi Black Bandana
Kotora Flower Tea Milky Cookies Koala Cigarette*
Kirai Palm Mix* Wolpis Vacation Jelly
Tobari* Flower Tea Milky Cookies Black Cocoa
Misane Blankit Kitten Scrunchie Kittytail*
Mikado N/A; all gifts only add 5 points.

Some friend events that have yes/no questions will give you a bonus 5 points for picking the "right" option.
Which I won't bother making a guide for. In general, if there's an "honest" option, that one's better.

Special Notes

Finding Akashi:
He's on the bench on the right side of Honey Garden. Yes, only his legs are visible.

Misato's third event:
If you agree to her request, you'll be sent to a brief horror-esque segment.
Saying no will skip it with no penalty, other than not getting a 500-bit reward.
Each room has part of a message. Put together, it's "NEXT TO THE GIRL."
Examine the wall just to the right of the girl painting in the hall to find the way out.

Finding Kirara:
She appears in the Backstreet only after befriending Ryuuri.

Kirara's third event:
The last part was left "untranslated" because, while it is "readable," it's still basically nonsense.
The gist of the joke is that the conversation becomes increasingly incomprehensible, so I feel it works as-is.
Kirara's Mutter was translated because while it's written in a bizarre way, the content is fairly normal.


BiTetris Payouts

Level 5+: 200 bits
Level 10+: 1000 bits
Level 20+: 2000 bits
Level 30+: 6000 bits
Level 40+: 10000 bits
Level 50+: 20000 bits
(Going past Level 50 won't get you any more bits.)

PuyoBits Payouts

50+ Points: 100 bits
250+ Points: 300 bits
500+ Points: 700 bits
1000+ Points: 2000 bits
2000+ Points: 4000 bits
3000+ Points: 6000 bits
4000+ Points: 8000 bits
5000+ Points: 10000 bits
(Going past 5000 points won't get you any more bits.)

There has to be a better way!

Checking the bottom-right tile in BitWorld will give you 999999 bits for free.


Below is a list of songs and their sources. There may be minor spoilers with regard to where songs are used.

The oo39.com songs don't really have proper names, but I put their "tags" in the hover text.

Some songs are from commercial CDs called Free Music Cluster Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Thus, only previews are freely available for these tracks.

The SENTIVE songs come in a big pack; download from one of the mirrors at the bottom.

Do not reupload these songs elsewhere without permission from their respective creators. This especially applies to the ending music.

Song List
Usage Original Name Artist Source
Blue Sun Street ys066 oo39.com Full
Sunset Hill ys026 oo39.com Full
Shitara's Theme ys117 oo39.com Full
Kuroku and Shiroro's Theme Humming Days watson Full
Takamiya's Theme ys161 oo39.com Full
Shiren & Yasune's Theme ys111 oo39.com Full
Kiri/Hiyu's Theme ys199 oo39.com Full
Sakuma's Theme Mature Girl Masaki Takao Full
Akuta's Theme ys071 oo39.com Full
Giving Friendship a Shot Gunshot Straight watson Full
Talking at Ease Talking Time MATSU Full
Getting To Know You Let Go Simon Panrucker Instrumental
Conflict inner flame MATSU Full
Discussion Time Big Plans (Remix) Kellee Maize Full
Discussion Time (Old Ver.) Idiots 2 Takashi Waraya Full
Grilling Yukinaga Treasure Hunt Simon Panrucker Instrumental
Hackers Theme A very Strong Element Utata-P Full
Scheming Techno-Dubstep BGM Utata-P Full
Opening RE:SET SENTIVE Song 1
Out on the Town Party Night! Free Music Cluster Vol. 1 Preview
Recuperation Vanilla watson Full
BitWorld Glorious Early Afternoon PANICPUMPKIN Full
PuyoBits Rampaging Cyborg Creature PANICPUMPKIN Full
CocoAlley Working Woman Studio Greenfield Full
Rocca/Misato/Momori's Theme ys015 oo39.com Full
Akashi's Theme ys022 oo39.com Full
Mellow Time Investigation: DBD File No. 03 watson Full
Asking Akitaka Bus Stop Simon Panrucker Full
Questioning Haruya Alphabets Simon Panrucker Full
Café Confrontation Yesterday Kellee Maize Full
More Scheming ys138 oo39.com Full
Game Time ys028 oo39.com Full
Break Passage ys021 oo39.com Full
Break Band ys082 oo39.com Full
Enri/Azusa/Jin's Theme ys139 oo39.com Full
Ryuuri & Kirara's Theme Obvious Errors Free Music Cluster Vol. 1 Preview
Break Meeting Hip hopy UG Full
Yuuto's Theme jato ??? ???
Sweet Beach ys129 oo39.com Full
Meu's Theme BH ??? ???
Meru's Theme game_image37 UG Full
Talking With Izuchi Inside of me Purgatory Garden Full
Nanashi & Misane ys126 oo39.com Full
Game Over / Finale ys160 oo39.com Full
Ending 1BitHeart Original N/A
Cruise Investigation smoke on city UG Full
Cruise Interrogation Hey pops! UG Full
Case Closed game_image9 UG Full

Translation Notes
(These contain spoilers for all aspects of the game. Only read after you've beaten it fully.)

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