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August 6th, 2022

Back Pain Lv.7
Back Resentment Lv.5
Back Pain Up Lv.5
Back Pain Dereliction Lv.3
Back Pain Exploit Lv.3
Back Constitution Lv.3
Critical Back Pain Lv.3
Back Pain Whisperer Lv.3

The same as how no one can understand you, it's also important to bear in mind that you can't understand anyone else.

Even if someone did the same thing before, if I realized it on own power, then so what. I want to be a person who's proud of those kinds of realizations, even if they're small. Making life interesting or boring is all a matter of your way of thinking.

Even if it's a rehash or a re-rehash, I managed to finally hash it out through the course of my life. So eat it up. You can't express anything without having this spirit. This boldness is essential for a creator.

I'm not sure what kind of mentality leads to wanting to be understood but not wanting people to talk like they know you, but I kinda feel like there's something like that in the study of psychology. (statement based in the notion that any idea someone like me could think up must already exist in the world)

Ultimately, maybe this roundabout path is the fastest way.

Because people have different experiences and views, and we have only the imperfect tools that are words to express our intentions, it's impossible for you to be understood - yet acknowledging that and still wanting to be understood, as well as selfishly not wanting people to speak to you like they understand you, is the nature of humans, I've realized after 35 years.

I'm not that dramatically drunk, but my physical condition's like I've been drinking for 9 hours... (because I was drinking for 9 hours)

It's an otaku-specific phenomenon, but there are moments listening to a good song for the first time that I'm like "wha?" and rewind it.

When I played songs predicted to be mine on the Nameless Colorless Fest review stream, rather than comments like "I bet OSTER-san made this," seeing comments like "I bet OSTER-san would like this" had me like "I totally get thaaat"... Listeners who understand my own music tastes and discover songs for me are too incredible.

Put all my favorite music on subscription services, I beg of you.

It makes me go "This is what that haiku master on PreBat [Pressure Battle, a variety show] was talking about..." Just by asking how your favorite color "tastes" insteaed of "what is it," it expertly conveys to the reader that they're talking about candy.

[Screenshot of CANDY by Keienu-P] This song is apparently going on subscription services soon so I want all humanity to listen to it, the lyric "How does your favorite color taste?" is so cute...

Don't you ever suddenly have a flashback to something you learned in school???

Suddenly remembering Hamiltonian during a stream sounds like some kinda glitch, right?

Words I Suddenly Remembered On-Stream But Didn't Know the Meaning Of: "Hamiltonian" [Screenshot of the start of the Wikipedia article explaining it's a measure of total energy in a system]

Words I Suddenly Remembered On-Stream But Didn't Know the Meaning Of: "Thüringer Wald" [Screenshot of an article explaining it's a mountain range in Germany]

They say there's no use for the Num Lock key, but I found a use for it.
It's a super useful key for turning off Num Lock.

I recently learned there was a collaboration between Kenmin Yaki Be-fun and Death Crimson. Good morning.

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