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August 5th, 2022

Stray's such a super good game...

I finished Stray in just two streams, so cat-eared Tesro-sama also ended with only two appearances.

Today's highlight. #TesrosetTransmission
["♪ I tried downloading an aimbot to be the best at this gaaame, but ended up with a malwaaare... DAMMIIIT -"]

A lot of people have streamed Stray, but I have a theory I'm the only person who calls Momo Nepal Gyoza Guy.

Conclusion: Travelmin is amazing.

I was able to play Stray to the end.......... :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle:


From 9:15 until I get motion sick:
Streaming a Travelmin experiment. #TesrosetTransmission
[Stray] Kitty Game Until I Get Sick #2 [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

My stomach hurts, so give me a sec for stream. :pensive:

My limit for kitty game last time was about 2 and a half hours, so I wonder how I'll fare today?

Kitty game seems to be ahead, so I'm playing kitty game.

If it's Monster Hunter, I also kinda want to use it as a Twitch stream test.

It's a super close fight, what do I do...

After the stream the other day, I messed with kitty game briefly to explore, and sure enough, that game makes me motion sick... Want my semicircular canals to try harder...

I don't get carsick much, so I've never bought motion sickness relievers before, but you'd never think I'd be buying them for a game, right?

I've made preparations so I'll be okay even if it's kitty game. [Photo of a package of Travelmin motion sickness medicine]

Tonight's Tesroset Transmission: [Poll]
- Kitty
- Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreaky

It looks like if you aim to make money on Twitch, you'll end up only being able to stream on Twitch, so I might just do something casual...

"Make a song like this, please."
Me: "Yeppers."
"Bring the tempo down some more, please."
Me: "Yeppers."

I'm making a lot of songs lately ,so I'm pretty excited for their announcements.

I wrote a new song for beatmania IIDX 30 RESIDENT, the latest entry beginning location testing today: PIANO CONCERTO "Temple of Sin" :dagger: :shield:
Be sure you're ready!

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