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August 4th, 2022

I kinda feel like in my case, more than playing a game well, my forte is just giving amusing commentary with my gameplay, and that makes me sad. (but it's fun)

I want to try streaming on Twitch too.

People who are good at games don't just have the reflexes to control the game precisely, they also have excellent ability to think on the fly and come up with suitable strategies... Ain't their stats as humans way too high?

I wanna get good at games, but all I can do's slowly practice.

Thinking that way, it's all good if you can just make a connection with people through music, huh... I like that kind of festival feeling too, and it reminded me of the mood of early NicoNico. (old-timer talking about the past)

I was saying stuff about how if even one person guessed my song in the Colorless Nameless Fest it'd mean I lost, but I got to surprise a ton of people when the answer was announced, and a handful of people who deeply love my sound actually guessed right, so it honestly was an event where everyone won...

With me working so hard on music and Monster Hunter lately, it's wild how much it feels like the world begins and ends with me.

Despite being busy, I'm super glad I submitted a song for the Colorless Nameless Fest, especially since it motivated me quite a bit.

This month's quite a peak to overcome, but I want to get through it.

I constantly have a big pile of tasks where I'm kinda like "am I really fit for this kind of job?", but in a way, pushing through and taking care of everything I need to do one at a time gives me confidence.

When Miffy opens her mouth, does it look like Gaismagorm, I wonder?

I'm grateful for people calling me "gorgeous!" or "a treasure!" when I appear on broadcasts and such, but just between us, if you just come to a game stream or the like, you can talk to me anytime, y'know?

What with appearing on TV broadcasts and all this year, I'm really exhibiting myself considering how I've been in the past. At this point, it's no exaggeration to call me an exhibitionist.

You're saying if I buy a Steam Deck I can play Sunbreak on a portable console??(????????)???

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