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August 3rd, 2022

[Screenshot of Twitter trend "JoJo," followed by news story about "ripples" from an incident of a man kicking a woman's baby stroller on the bus] I can only see this as being about a Hamon user punishing a complainer.

With illnesses or injuries that just won't get better, even more than treating them, mental care is seriously important.

I was like "my back hurting every day makes life so despairingly boring, what am I supposed to do, die?!", but well, Monster Hunter's fun, so in part I'm being kept alive by Monster Hunter.

Jiiji, baaba [gramps, granny] → Friendly
Jijii, babaa [old coot, old hag] → Abusive
Japanese is too hard.

My back pain not getting better after over 3 years of treatment seriously leaves me with the conclusion that nothing'll make it better...

But I'm relieved the quality of it was recognized...

Thinking of Colorless Nameless Fest like a Monster Hunter competition where everyone is using the weapons they've trained with for years, with me going in there with a weapon I'd never even touched before, suddenly makes it feel really scary.

I got up at a proper hour, so I thought I'd do some creative work in the morning, but my back was doing bad so I laid down, and now it's almost noon.

[Retweeting Stray glitch video] This is a bugged kitty.

10,000 views on Yummy-Yummy Girl... :folded hands:

My body feels so heavy in the morning.

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