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August 2nd, 2022

I play the heck out of 3D games like Monster Hunter and Elden Ring, yet I guess it might be the unusual perspective that makes me motion sick... But due to not being able to play for long periods, maybe that keeps the archive at a more watchable length. (positive)

For now, I'm relieved that when I searched "stray motion sickness" I found a lot of comrades.

My desire to proceed in the kitty game couldn't beat motion sickness, so I want to train up my semicircular canals.

It's a perfect match.

Kitty game is funnn!!!!!! #TesrosetTransmission


I drew a picture for my stream thumbnail. That's like 11,000 points.

By the way, I have absolutely no prior information, so it'll be fully blind.

:clock: Around 9:15:
Tonight, I'm playing the kitty game. #TesrosetTransmission
[Stray] Kitty Game [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Please look at my time attack videos.

RT @owakare_sbt I'm curious just how hardcore a Monster Hunter player OSTER-san is.

RT @Itaiki0825 OSTER-san's a gamer, yet she can compose too... So talented.

:black cat: #TesrosetArt

["I finished a song."]

Aiming to be an artist who you won't think died even if I start trending.

My personal feeling for the ages is that Yummy-Yummy Girl is around 18, and Scandal Makers is around 28.

I was told "Yummy-Yummy Girl's lyrics sound mature, so it seemed like OSTER-san," but Yummy-Yummy Girl's more of a song about a girl than a woman, y'know?!

As ever, stan yourself, and give yourself fanservice.

To enrich your days, get someone to stan.
To enrich your life, be your own stan.

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