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August 1st, 2022

Currently, because of the Colorless Nameless Fest, everyone's telling me (I think) "How great that you can make such different songs!", so I'm getting carried away.

People getting carried away might make others around them irritated at times, but I feel like people are at their most mentally healthy when they're getting carried away, so I want to endeavor to get deftly carried away.

I like my songs, but the fact I'm not able to listen to them for the first time is inconvenient, so I'm envious of everyone getting to hear OSTER songs for the first time!

People say I make songs fast, but it's just that if I don't make them fast I'll get too familiar with hearing them and won't be able to tell what's good, so I have to finish them quickly before that happens.

Yummy-yummy girl :heart: Yummy girl :heart: Yummy girl :heart: :love hotel: :heart: :love hotel: :heart: :love hotel: :heart: :love hotel:

You're bad at living, but good at composing, so I'll forgive you...

[Screenshot of Yummy-Yummy Girl's video stats, now with a best ranking of 9th place] And it was around 160th in the rankings before... (I'm glad lots of people are listening to it)

On my stream yesterday, someone expressed the opinion that because part of the fun for some was guessing the producer, it might have been fun to have some kind of form exclusively for producer guessing, and I was like "that's true," so I'm sharing it. #ColorlessNamelessFest

Someone gave an analysis that Vocaloid Collection has had a lot of songs that chase Vocaloid-ness and going viral, while Colorless Nameless Fest had lots of liberated songs conscious of what defines that author's style, and I'm LOLing at how the song I did was the exact opposite.

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