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July 31st, 2022

It feels too good to betray everyone's expecations, so I'm gonna have to expand my styles.

I really like the comment someone left before the authors were revealed of "it's a woman's song." I make woman's songs. Thanks in advance.

This event had the sort of fun of taking part in a costume party. I'm still baskin' in the afterglow...

Please offer your support to Superbly-Dressed Lady as well.

RT @_yunonno_a The change in impressions of OSTER-san - Vocaloid producer, amusin' lady on Twitter, video creator knowledgeable about math and space, furry-loving artist who can sing, Vtuber, gamer dedicated to parries - is absurd.

I forgot how to use NEUTRINO..........

Colorless Nameless Fest is over, and now Zundamon NEUTRINO is here. Amazing how music just won't let me go.

This is my first attempt at a genre that's not my main focus, so just getting favorable views on it is seriously a huge success... I'm glad I took part...

A summary of my thoughts having taken part in this project.

["...Don't go making such good songs."
"It vexes me..."]

In other words, ultimately, it's like that.

2007 OSTER song: "Dye everything up to my fingertips your color"
2022 OSTER song: "Suck it all down to the marrow"

Parry-Parry Girl feat. Parry in the Forgotten Land

[Retweeting Malzeno time attack video] Getting excited by how people who followed me due to this project and go to my YouTube will see this as my latest video.

But really, I'm shocked how many people there were telling me they're glad they got to hear my song, I feel like I'm a god... Just a little old middle-aged gamer like me..........

Being given additional work as a badge of honor for guessing right, a microcosm of Japanese society.

RT @crab_kanikani [Screenshot of their Marshmallow guessing Yummy-Yummy Girl being shown on stream; "a different tone than usual, but parts have an unconcealable OSTER-smell"]
And so, OSTER project Werewolf ends in a win for the hunters. Thanks for the match! :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:
I was made an honorary moderator as a reward, woohoo! (???)

RT @_Asdur_ Having Kikuo-san think I'm OSTER-san and OSTER-san think I'm Reiji Okii in the same day...

I'm all excited by the festival, so I'm talking a lot about music, but be warned that I'm just a middle-aged gamer who's good at composing.

These two are the winners in my heart... Overwhelming quality.

Gust Serenade / Yuzuki Yukari
Congratulations on your victory. :trophy:

Absolute Strongest Illusion!! / Hatsune Miku
Champion :trophy:

I'll tweet some songs that I was told sounded like mine, but I had to not tweet about since then you'd know they weren't mine.

[Retweeting a Kikuo tweet that listed Yummy-Yummy Girl and DEKIN (by Lilimelo) as "that view count isn't right," predicting both were by "famous producers"] I was glad to receive the "this view count isn't right" award from Kikuo-san. Please continue to give your support.

[Retweets two Yummy-Yummy Girl fanarts in the #ColorlessNamelessMuseum tag] In truth, it did get drawn in the Colorless Nameless Museum... Grateful... Grateful...

This is the result of making a young-person-esque song!

Thanks for the stream!
And with that, the song I submitted was this one! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Congratulations to those who guessed right! :party popper:
And thank you for making a guess either way!
Yummy-Yummy Girl / Hatsune Miku #ColorlessNamelessFest


Stream might be late.

If you absolutely need to know right now, go look on the spoiler sheet on the official account.

The authors have been officially announced, but it's set up so you won't know unless you actively look it up, so I'll be announcing it on my stream. :folded hands:

:clock: Starting around 9 PM:
Colorless Nameless Fest Answer-Checking & Review
I'll be showing off all your guesses. Come watch. #ColorlessNamelessFest #TesrosetTransmission
[Chat] Colorless Nameless Fest Answer-Checking & Review [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Have you no regrets for the Colorless Nameless Fest?

Seriously, why.

10,000 views!! Still not to 10,000 views?!?!
With such quality, why isn't it getting views?!?! What's going on?!?!
The views!! They're coming in so slooooow!!!
Hurry... get more views...

"Hah!!! You already know why, don't you?!"

It sounds so pro...

Nice to Meet You-san / flower
Colorless Nameless Fest, a world where a song like this only has 3000 views.

Look forward to whether someone got it right or not.

The authors reveal is today, so I'm aiming to stream at a good time after 8 PM. I'm still accepting Marshmallows, so by all means.

Perhaps I haven't listened to too many songs due to not wanting to accept the fact there are lots of people good at composing...

Are there this many people who're good at composing in the world?

Listening to Colorless Nameless Fest songs predicted to be mine, I'm like "are they stronger than me?"

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