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July 30th, 2022

Given my occupation, you'd think I'd be better at rhythm games than Monster Hunter, but Monster Hunter is a rhythm game, so hey.

Maybe nothing is born of revenge, but some revenges come from being born.

Myself, I welcome people commenting on my song with predictions of who made it, and even go listen to those producers to analyze why they came to that conclusion, but some people might not like you writing that kind of thing, so I think it might make everyone happiest if you toss your predictions at me via Marshmallow.

After the reveal, let's not do anything like looking back in hindsight and going "if I had heard this, I totally would've got it." :smile:

It's only tonight
Your chance to guess me in an anonymous crowd
Has everyone chosen their answer?
Look forward to tomorrow
Look forward to it

I'm being super silly about it, but I think there'll always be the phenomenon of people who can't fit in with the majority getting immersed in their own worlds (and wanting to show it off), so I think there are probably chuunibyou in any era.

The girls next to me are just talking about husbands, kids, and Disney.

Well, that's just normal.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at the latest longsword meta and muttering:
it'a sun break - Are you crazy? That's a Bloodlust/Coalescence.

It's 1 in 3000, but the odds aren't 0, so maybe you'll happen to get it.

I want my song to be drawn for the Colorless Nameless Museum... Someone please draw it, please... (impossible)

In exchange for talent at living, I have talent for music.

You can start by understanding that longsword is turn-based.

Play for 1000 hours and you can do it too!!!!

RT @erif_min OSTER-san... Just what are you...?
She's mastering Monster Hunter.
She was mastering parries in Elden, too.
She wrote a collab song with sasakure-san.
I can't imitate those longsword moves... What are you?

Since I'm participating in an event and all, tomorrow night, I'll do a review of the Colorless Nameless Fest slash chat stream. I think I'll also read Marshmallows, so please send some with your song predictions! :folded hands:

Otakus' specialty to read too much into things is the greatest.

RT @crab_kanikani #ColorlessNamelessFest Every time I see a "sounds like OSTER" comment, I keep being like "I get it, but this piano isn't Keyscape..."

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