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May 6th, 2022

I don't really get how YouTube works, but sometimes my views suddenly go up.

Did something happen on the YouTube Meltdown remix?????

Today I parried and also made a song... Amazing...

[Screenshot of search for "ponyo loves souuke," souuke being a term for someone who's always the uke (sub) in any relationship]

If you roll back for the short light swords the second burst hits you, so you have to dodge right... It was a pretty rough test of reflexes.

Ultimately, I didn't find any way to deal with the light swords in the back half except to roll forward/back twice... I wanted to stick close if I could.

Starting stats no damage OK!!!!!!!!!! #EldenRing #ParryInTheForgottenLands

What does everyone come to streams to see?

On a stream where I was trying to push the limits with super severe restrictions yet it seemed like I still couldn't beat it, I got sad seeing comments like "maybe drop the weird fixations" or "try a different weapon."

My body's bad, so I'll do what I can while I can.

Not doing well today, so I cried while visiting the hospital again.

I thought I couldn't enjoy games as a communication tool to enjoy with someone else, but they gave rise to communication with people playing solo and researching maneuvering, so they're indeed serving as a communication tool so I'm good.

Hospital again today, huh...

Only heavy drinkers know how it feels to be a heavy drinker.
Heavy drinkers are drawn to one another.

In short, heavy drinkers are Hamon users.

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