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May 7th, 2022

Ghosts don't bleed, so they're tiring with unupgraded weapons.

Since I beat Loretta, I excitedly went to visit Ranni-sama, but Ranni-sama wasn't there. (still haven't beaten any demigods)

At starting stats, a single hit from Loretta's greatbow is instant death, so it had quite a nice tension.

I tried out Thops's Barrier, but the parry starts way too late, I can't...

I wanna make a proper video going deep into Tree Sentinel.

I took just a single glintsword, so I'm giving it a memorial here... :gravestone:
Royal Knight Loretta, Samurai, Starting Stats, With Weapon Buffs
#EldenRing #ParryInTheForgottenLands

My parrying is despairingly bad right now.

Gotta go get Carian Retaliation.

Don't feel like I'll be able to get up early tomorrow, but I'll do my best.

It's one thing for weird settings to be default, but it's the fact it's so hard to figure out what I need to mess with to change it that makes me wanna snap...

Why is a setting to make the previous note keep playing when you move notes on the sequencer on by default in the first place? Who's happy about this?

I've never once gotten comfortable with an included DAW sequencer.

I snapped at the Cubase sequencer because it's so hard to use, it's Domino all the way...

Tree Sentinel-kun was stronger. #ParryInTheForgottenLands

What do you mean, guitar solo? Mine's a mouse solo.

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