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May 9th, 2022

Today's sole cool moment. #TesrosetTransmission #ParryInTheForgottenLands

Parrying Godskin Apostle is too haaard!!!


It's sudden, but at 9:30, I'll continue the main game of Elden Ring.
[Elden Ring] Tarnishemon, Melina and the Fire Giant #5 [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]
["Ase-emon" (from asebito, Japanese for "Tarnished"), maybe a play on "Asaemon"]

Let's introduce our loathsome traitors!
Godrick the Golden!
Empyrean Twins Miquella and Malenia!
General Radahn!
Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy!
Lunar Princess Ranni!
That's it!
[Meme format of introducing "crazy-cool ()band) members" with variations such as only naming one person before "that's it!"]

My tummy's been upset all day after a full day of drinking.

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