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May 10th, 2022

:tv: "If you drink milk before having alcohol, it has an effect of delaying intoxication."
Me: "I see... I should refrain from having milk before I drink."

Parrying Margit was fun... Margit, the most fun to parry.

???: "It's fun leveling up a ton and being invincible against bosses!"
Me: "It's fun beating bosses at starting level with maneuvering alone!"

Even after trying for 4 hours, I can't distinguish the atacks, nor can I remember the variations.

This is the hardest boss to parry in Elden Ring, right? :devil face: #ParryInTheForgottenLands

Godskin Apostle's even harder to parry than Morgott and I'm crying.

The sadness of Sushiro's prices going up is less about it being harder to eat there because of higher prices or anything, but thinking "even Sushiro has to raise prices these days...?"

"Sounds like they got Sushiro..."
"Mwahaha... even their 100-yen sushi was the greatest..."
"So sad..."

It feels like whether you're talented at a game or not isn't about whether you're good or not when you first play the game, but if you have the ability to persist until you get good.

I don't really know what kinda occupation Praetor is, but I do know it's a job where you fuse with a giant snake and thrash around in magma and spit poison.

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