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May 11th, 2022

[Following some Sunbreak news] Demo... release... a demo...

[After posting a clip of that part of the stream] Absolutely the words of someone whose brain is dying. (had streamed for nearly 5 hours at this point, so)

On watching my streams back, I often reflect on how the game takes a lot of my attention so there are times that what I'm saying doesn't make any sense, like in the stream the other day where I kept repeating "I got the (eel) bone out (that had been stuck in my throat)!", and since I had only said the all-important part in parentheses in my head, I sounded like a woman saying something scary while practicing parrying.

A single change in how it's expressed can make a story interesting or boring, or in worst case can fail to convey what you're thinking at all, so having a handle on language is important, and I want more power over vocabulary. I'm regretting all the time how much I suck at words.

Writing this sentence like "When I woke up from my nap, my hand was numb, and I was wondering why that was, when I noticed my cat had been using it as a pillow." would have made it a more dramatic and attention-grabbing sentence. Don't you agree?

When I woke up from my nap, the cat was using my hand as a pillow and my hand was numb.

1. Press dodge button

2. Wasn't in time, take hit

3. Stunned from being hit

4. Regain control

5. Dodge input from 1 remains and results in dodge


Isn't this what Elden Ring is like????

Elden Ring's dodge has a long invincibility period, but it's interesting how the difficulty of dodging is balanced by enemy attacks having continuous hitboxes. (opinion of person who was pissed off about the length of Crumbling Farum Azula Knight's tornado hitbox on a prior stream)

I want to win with a complete understanding of the motions, so maybe that's why I like counters with tight timing like parries.

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