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May 12th, 2022

[Screenshot of Twitter trend "Delay"] Figured everyone was fighting Margit.

I've only practiced Noble-kun for about 20 minutes, but he seems pretty easy to parry.

Considering how long it took to be able to do Emergency Apex Zingore, even if I couldn't do this damageless for 6 hours, it's just a lack of practice...

Personally, I think making game videos and making works of art are the same, and videos from people seriously tackling a game are pretty much art.

I feel like Golden Parry is harder to parry with than Carian after all...

I absolutely can't envision damageless.


I'm a Malenia backseater.

Godskin Apostle's gotta be stronger than Malenia, c'mon.

Feels like I'm playing games like a dummy going "I parried an attaaack, feels good :zany: :zany: :zany:", seeking primitive pleasures.

I might be bad at the kinds of games where you have to focus on what's important out of lots of information and make quick decisions.

Since thinking I'd like to play Splatoon, 5 billion years have passed.

If you went out to drink after the successful observation of a black hole, the drinks would definitely be tastier.

Making just one photo of Sagittarius A* requires taking 20,000 shots, talk about a bigshot actress.

Researchers can do their jobs only once they get the populace's interest, after all...

Do your best, young people... young people...

Right about now, could we make it so I was the one who thought of the theory of relativity? (we can't)

It's no time for Earthlings to fight amongst each other, space is nuts.

Sure enough, it makes you realize Earth needs to unite to confront space.

Sagittarius A* is extremely close. (not saying it's extremely close)

The people announcing are super excited.

The hugeness of the M87 black hole is absurd, right?

Sure enough, there was a supermassive black hole...

When Earthlings join forces, they can even find Pon de Rings on the moon, it's wonderful.

Einstein was a beast.


Sagittarius A*'s here...

It's started.

I'm curious how intricately made the world is.

All kinds of phenomena in quantum physics are bugs that weren't expected to be observed that closely, surely?

In which an announcement is made about the Milky Way: "All the heavenly bodies we've observed beyond Earth have been rapidly-projected simulations. To the "observers" watching the results of this experiment, let's stop this farce." Following this announcement, the night sky turns bright and it's shown to be inside an enormous facility.

[Retweets an article about Elden Ring selling 13.4 million copies] A parrying population of 13.4 million.

I'm envious of skilled people.

I kinda can't muster the will to cook at all today, and I don't really wanna eat anything in particular either, so I'm at a loss.

It's kinda tragic to think how it takes a certain capability to even discuss painful things with others...

I'm only saying I wouldn't be able to do that if it were me - I'm sure people have been saved by talking to places like that, and I'm not trying to say they're pointless or anything.

When someone's like "I wanna die!", you can't be like "Well now, talk about it with some stranger on the phone!", huh... Unfortunate as that is.

[Sora: "Everyone gathering together around nude women cooked in a pot is called a nude women hot pot, ya."]
Graveyard of ethics.

I have no memory of deleting it, but the tweet of me saiyng I uploaded the Meltdown remix is gone???? Strange...

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