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May 5th, 2022

I'll do my best at Monster Hunter again this year.

I hear that lots of people are looking for Vtuber game videos where even if they're not good at it they're having fun, but I really like videos of people playing masterfully and watch them a lot, and I want to upload videos like that myself, and I want people who like that kind of thing to watch...

I'm not a Vocaloid producer, but a Let's Player. (?)

When Monster Hunter comes out I want to upload videos of me playing it, but I still haven't decided what approach to take.

I'll truly never finish Elden Ring in my life. (because I'm neglecting the file I've progressed most in)

A good thing about Monster Hunter is how it has a quest reset.

Parrying looks super simple when you see others do it, but when you do it yourself it's hard... How deep.

I can do this for hours and not go nuts, so I'm definitely suited for From games.

Margit has the same quick side slash/fast side slash question setup as Morgott, and I still get them mixed up.

My parrying's getting rough, so I'm done for today... Couldn't do it in one day after all.

Recording damageless videos feels so empty..........

I panicked when I was suddenly unable to record, but the hard drive that should've had about a terabyte of free space was all filled up with gameplay videos, how do Let's Players do this?

Margit's easy to parry, but when it's no weapon upgrades starting stats damageless, that's a different story.

The huge light swords that get added in the second phase are so nuts, how d'you dodge those?

Godly game. #ParryInTheForgottenLands

Why do I have to make food, somebody make it for me.

The farmers who grew the leeks with care and shipped them out, the distributors who delivered them to the supermarket, the supermarket workers who sold them - thinking how the drama of all these people is packed into this one leek makes me cry a bunch as I cut them every time. It's just commonplace, huh.

I'm so emotionally unstable I'm sobbing while cutting leeks.

Thinking to myself how I need to go shopping, 50 years passed.

Sometimes when you look back as an adult at works you enjoyed as a child, you can have different impressions.

Personally, it's worrying that I now hear "Donna Iro ga Suki [What Color Do You Like?]" as a song about an organization that uses colors as codenames being purged by their enemies one by one.
[The lyrics go like "What color do you like? (Red!) / I like the color red / It always goes away first / The red crayon / What color do you like? (Blue!)..."]

Well, though I have a bad habit of bringing the thing intended to accentuate the taste to the front.

I super love the characteristic bitterness of a non-minor flat five, so I use them like putting them in coffee to bring out the taste.

I've got a strong desire to use non-minor flat fives skillfully, and I think I might be getting better at them lately.

Wah-wah clavinet feels so good, right??? #Dominowns

I hardly see anyone digging this deep into it, but my favorite part of the Meltdown remix might be the wah-wah clavinet.

This makes it look like Meltdown Rin-chan is surrounded by pink baldies and closing her eyes to try and make it so they don't exist... I'm truly sorry.

golden week how long

AAAA's butt is a girl.

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