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May 4th, 2022

This ain't somethin' you can just parry! #ParryInTheForgottenLands

I'm so bad at fighting groups.

Part of why I like Ranger is that it has a strong counter move.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land was an incredibly good game... Could you make the counter moves a little stronger...?

Thanks for a good fight.

[Screenshot of congratulations screen for collecting all Waddles Dees in Forgotten Land] Good work on Waddle Done.

Seems like I'd make you think Elden Ring is a game where a pink baldy parries with a shield.

RT @UKnoire I haven't played Elden Ring, but I watch OSTER project's Parry in the Forgotten Lands, so I know it to an extent.

Taking a shower to get ready to go out again today :heart:
To the hospital :heart:

Girls are creatures who are happy if you notice small details, after all, so if someone told me like "You dodged with an Ichimonji instead of a Mikiri to save spirit, didn't you! That's great!", of course I'd be happy.

Shall I talk about the time I hung out with Claire-san and even though I didn't say anything she took notice and was like "Those are the earrings you talked about before, aren't they!!" and I was like "Nnnn... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:"??????

Women should date women. (extremist)

[Retweets a fan comic where Minnie Mouse does her makeup and puts on a bow, Mickey comes along and says she looks wonderful as always, but then Daisy Duck excitedly compliments her new ribbon and lipstick, which Minnie responds to by hugging her.]

[Retweeting the Masked Hammer Treasure video] I've also uploaded a real Kirby explanation video.

I had a dream where my parents' house was bombed with KochiKame BGM playing, and I don't know how I should feel.

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