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May 3rd, 2022

A life of wanting to become healthy enough that I can't use unhealthiness as an excuse.


[New Elden Ring Video]
:lollipop: Uma Kishi (Horse Knight) Parry Derby
* This is a video about beating Tree Sentinel with parries damageless in starting conditions.
#EldenRing #TesrosetTransmission #ParryInTheForgottenLands

Don't you think it's so exhausting being unable to do things that everyone else takes for granted?

It's fine to have a body, but I wish it wouldn't drag me down.

Do you really need a body?

Simply not having a day my body doesn't hurt makes life so lame.

The heroine of Elden Ring isn't Ranni, nor is it Melina, it's the otaku who loves Radahn.

Someone show me what justice is. (woman in her 30s who doesn't know what justice is)

My iPhone is cute for suddenly collecting old bird photos I took into a slideshow and telling me "Here, it's birds, look at birds and cheer up..."

["Birds, 2018 - 2019"]

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