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September 21st, 2021

When you become an old-timer, the time you've lived becomes unwieldy and you're quick to get sentimental. It's true.

Thanks to the people watching, thanks to the people telling me that. You're super giving me life.

Continuing something is really hard and giving up is really easy, but thinking of the many wonderful things that could happen if I don't give up makes me want to keep going.

But I'll say it's a moment where I was glad I haven't given this work up. Gonna keep doing my best.

Somethin' really great happened today, but it's a secret to everyone. Wahaha.

Feels like it's easy to lose track of what's happening if you're not used to seeing this kind of story.

Odd Taxi is nuts, man... This absolute full-blown suspense thriller...

Someone who used up all her girl power making a princess-y song.

It's a shame Vtuber videos are gettin' deleted for being "sexual," and yet I make tons of sexy progressions and mine aren't bein' deleted...

I'm adding on the energy consumption of talking, so 'course I'm gonna get exhausted... But it's fun, so I wanna...

Was so exhausted from composition stream I fell asleep.

Wanna make a bunch of kinds of songs...

The princess-y song made in today's stream. :princess: Planning to continue tomorrow afternoon! :peace sign: #Dominowns #OSTERsanCD

Now, let's begin!!

:clock: 8:30 PM:
Gonna make a real princess-y song!!
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Sure Wanna Make a Princess-y Song [Tesroset Transmission]

Honestly, making that format is really difficult and tiring work, but the sense of the sound overlapping is incredible, so I just keep on making it.

I was deeply glad I made Rainbow Stories the way I did... I'll make orchestra-format big band until I'm known as the Michel Legrand of Vtubers. (?)

Is it Miku Symphony 2022 yet???

There are game streamers who have their real-time heart rate displayed on screen, which I thought was really neat. I wanna do that for composition streams.

I've 100%ed today's Tesroset Hospital Visit.

Buying one for soy sauce spills is superb.

RT @Lunafy39 Bought everything but the parka and mask. Even bought a tote bag for catching soy sauce spills... #TesrosetTransmission #OSTERproject

Tonight for real, I'm going to stream composition, so see you then.

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