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September 22nd, 2021

I just want to be kicked by an alpaca nurse, and have no ulterior motives.

I thought that Shirakawa-san was sexy. (well-considered impression)

It made me feel glad that, as a work that you should absolutely watch without being spoiled, I successfully watched it to the end without being spoiled. (book-report-level impression)

Absentminded after watching Odd Taxi to the end.

Sure doesn't seem like a song made by somebody eating stew and drinking beer at 1 AM.

Wanna hear somethin' like this live... #Dominowns #OSTERsanCD

If I won the lottery, the first thing I'd do is grab a stack of bills and record live.

After hearing my songs played by an orchestra once, there's nothing any human can do. That beautiful sound is like a beast gripping my heart.

After sequencing an orchestral arrangement and getting to "Sounds good! Sounds good!", I'm now cursed with an extravagant desire to hear the Tokyo Philharmonic play it...

I haven't been making proper clip videos of streams lately... Everyone can go ahead and make them too if you want...

I wanna eat McDonald's even though it's the middle of the night. Don't you ever wanna eat McDonald's even though it's the middle of the night?

Harry Potter: "Rise update... Rise update... Rise update..."
Sorting hat: "Stories update!!!"

RT @sasakure__UK OSTER-san and I have both watched Miku-chan grow for over a decade since her birthday, which is amazing if you stop to think about it...
Feels like we're her mother and father at this point.

RT @kai26w Roset-chan arriving at a cosmic truth: "No matter how tired I get, if I work, it'll be finished someday..."

I was tired from the moment I started and forgot to plug the merch. (despair)

Thanks for stream! Couldn't finish the song! Regret...

:clock: 2:15 PM:
Continuing from yesterday!
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Sure Wanna Make a Princess-y Song 2 [Tesroset Transmission]

Followers... Can you hear me...? There are four more days to buy merch from my collab with Village Vanguard...

I thought of a game where I explode the cold season and go "There! This is the Cambrian explosion!!", but the cold season isn't worth the trouble, so I won't do it.

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