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September 23rd, 2021

You don't really think when you first see the graph for tan that it'd be grouped with sin and cos, do you?

I'm not saying that if you put truffles on top of foie gras it becomes caviar.

Of the world's three great delicacies, I picture foie gras and truffles being super friendly, but caviar being separated from them a bit. As a comparison, it's like the position of tan relative to sin and cos.

Biased Monster Hunter: "Stygian Zinogre added! Thunderlord Zinogre added! Howling Zinogre added!"

Monster Hunter Rise G announced! 4.0 update news! Deviljho, Glavenus, Lao-Shan Lung, Apex Tigrex, and Apex Nargacuga added! The best! I'm glad I'm alive!
See, I'm all set to celebrate, Capcom!! Anytime's just fine!!! Thanks in advance!!! (???)

Monster Hunter monsters fall into three categories. Monsters I've hardly hunted and don't know anything about, monsters I've hunted 100 of but don't know anything about, and monsters I've hunted 400 of but don't know anything about.

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