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September 8th, 2020

Seems in a lot of cases it's like "If you just sorta do this, you can find the slope of a graph, or area or volume, so it's handy. Just memorize the rules." I mean, it was for me. Teehee.

Most people who studied math in high school should've dealt with differentials and integrals, yet I doubt there are many people who can explain what differentials and integrals are. I don't think I could, either... We just differentiate and integrate by feel...

All I can think of is a brute-force approach where you trace the path of a function moved over time using echoes on a stationary frame.

I still don't know a way to generate graphs from formulas with AE, but I wonder if it's possible... But also, don't use AE for that stuff.

What makes me most glad for my programming experience is expressions in After Effects... Stuff like footage position uses 2D arrays, and I probably wouldn't have understood what the brackets meant otherwise.

Standard IO dot header!

[Photo of a shop called "studio.s"]
Every time I see this brand, I think "you'd get yelled at if you did an #include with this."

If it really didn't matter, you wouldn't need to outright say "it doesn't matter."
- Great Poet Osuo

I haven't made anything but wild songs this year.

I made a wild song.

Labradorite was the first finished song I could have sung by Tokiwa-san, someone I super looked up to, so when I asked her to sing I was shaking a ton, and just her singing it made me so happy...

Listen to my song about someone aiming for their aspirations...
[OSTER project] Labradorite feat. Yu Tokiwa [Music Video]

Just the feeling that there's a meaning to my existence amid the grand scheme of things makes me ruminate on how that's reason enough to have kept creating... Gratitude, overwhelming gratitude.

People I've always looked up to seeing me, and people who look up to me making amazing works... Can there truly be such a wonderful thing????????

I've gotten to feel "I've sure gotten to live out my dreams in work..." a lot lately, which is making me weepy... I wanna keep meeting people and making works together with them!

Want to be able to make 100 songs in one day.

I'm mega-busy this month, but I want to balance with my hobbies somehow... I can't split myself, so I guess I just gotta gain stamina.

I'm working on a bunch of stuff to be able to do my first Vtuber stream tomorrow night! Hyaaah!

Drink wine like a king, throw up wine like a cow.

I think people who respond to "You're cute" with "Aren't I?!" instead of "Nothing of the sort" are cuter. (personal opinion)

With time, it feels like the image of a cute girl has shifted from "I'm looking cute today" to "I'm looking cute as ever today," which lifts my spirits.

Everyone should ask "aw, what's wrong" more!! C'mon!! Melt, I feel like I could dissolve!! I'll give you the Miku-Miku!! The Sheamus that first sound!! Hey, c'mon, what's wrong, everybody... [The last one was a reference to mishearing "hajimete no oto no mama (the same as that first sound)" as "hajimete no odono-sama (my first feudal lord)."]

RT @yurunyuru @fuwacina Aw, what's wrong?

I resolutely cut my bangs.

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