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September 7th, 2020

The example tells the whole story.
["Delicacy: Subtlety, refinement. "lacking in ~"]

It's a bad habit of mine to worry about minute things...

Does the word "delicacy" always get used in the sense of not having it? You don't really hear "he has delicacy," do you?

And I'm the patient who delights at painting blood with green.

To explain reharmonization to people who don't know much about music, it's the act of coloring the sky with purple or blood with green.

"I made a super amazing song... I can't make a song any better than this..." I feel I've been thinking this every month since the year started, so I'll probably always be advancing.

When I compliment my friend's clothes, they grin at me like "I got them for super cheap at a second-hand store!", which I super love.

RT @yasucold When someone says "I like those clothes" and you reply "they were cheap," that might be humble or debasing, but if you're in Osaka and reply "Got 'em for 500 yen at Izumiya!", it becomes a boast about the deal you scored.

Looking good... Wanna do a stream soon...

Like you see here, Roset-chan has consciousness and Tesro-kun-chan-san is a puppet with no consciousness.

Greedily incarnating as two characters is endlessly fun...

Now if I make a loop zombie version of Roset-chan, I'm all set for streaming as Tesro-kun-chan-san too... :OK sign: The rest is just making improvements as I go!

By making Tesro-kun-chan-san into a loop zombie, I've achieved a system where it looks like both are moving independently...

Even thinking about all this stuff is kinda fun.

Since I can also just load videos as materials, maybe playing a transparent video of Tesro on loop behind her would kind of make it seem like they're doing it together...??

Also, maybe I want a "getting set up" image...

On stream, I can only have speak with one half of Tesroset-chan, so I want to split myself.

Got it to wooork! [Photo of a composition stream layout with Roset in the corner.]

I'm exhausted from life!!! If I'm born again, I wanna be a baby!!!!

Feel free ot talk more about murmur twins from O to W, everyone.

murmur twins from O to W

Roset-chan's boobs seem like they wouldn't be A nor C, but rather B-cups. (personal opinion)

memento mori
Translation: An assortment of memes. [Play on "moriawase," combination platter.]

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