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September 9th, 2020

I worked too hard on stream, rendering me unable to work hard on Ring Fit... Harsh...

Thanks to all the stuff I did, it feels more fun to watch my own streams back.

Spent 4 hours to finish a BGM for streams... I'm tired... lol

Done with streeeeeam! Thanks for watching, everyone!!

It's starting, it started.
[Real-Time Composing Stream] Tesroset LIVE Episode 1

The stream! Won't start!

???? It's kind of messing up, hold on a second.

Going to eat and then start the composing streammm! I'm sleepyyy!

There are at minimum three songs set in stone that I need to make this month, but I wanna find space in-between to do other stuff too...

People who create are all too amazing.

☺︎ [Poll]
- I'm always watching what you do [66.7%]
- Let's do our best together [33.3%]

Sending "I like it!!!" to people who're depressed... S'violence.

I'll say it 5 billion times, but I don't want Twitter to have a "like" button, but a "it's hard to comment, but I'm always watching what you do, and I bet things are really exhausting right now, but let's do our best together" button.

That's probably about it for preparations on what I was thinking of doing... I think I'll stream composition tonight. :clap:

Odyssey, dessee! Odyssey, dessee!

My composition environment.

["Theme: As anyone could tell, I'm making a song"]

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