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June 28th, 2020

Natural garden deadline:
Hard deadline x9
Iron deadline x3

Ironwood deadline:
Iron deadline x6
Deadline x12

To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, please lend your assistance with the destruction of mankind. (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office enveloped in red light)

I'm lousy at Japanese.

The more you dig into things you dislike and bad feelings, the more they come out without end, so there's really no need to dig them up and bring your own ruin. Yet sometimes you brood about stuff, so you need something else in your life to fill your head with, which is what I play games and watch anime for.

People who live happily are people good at turning their back to unhappiness.

Being able to cram in a whole bunch of condensed coolness in the form of phrases that sound totally natural but would be pretty tricky to actually play is what's interesting about making live-style songs digitally, I think... Though of course, I take a different approach if I know it's going to be played live.

As far as art, I think the opinion "if you're going to paint that realistically, just take a photo" is nonsense, because on a canvas, you can paint sensuous meaning that defies physical laws and can't be included in a photo. But yeah, I have a similar sort of feeling about digital music.

When I see art that looks like it's a photograph, I'm like "Amazing!!", but it's hard to get someone to shout "Amazing!!" about digitally composing something that sounds like a live performance. I wonder if that's because of the fanatical nature of composition...

Machines are programmed lifeforms.

Humans are living machines.

I am a machine that makes music.

That said, saying "I hope your happiness lasts" sounds sarcastic too. Putting what you're thinking into words is more difficult than you'd think.

Isn't telling people who got married "be happy" sort of saying they're not happy now??

The thing that goes on the end isn't "chou." :butterfly:

My goal for the future is also to become a tyrannosaurus.

RT @YahooNewsTopics 6-Year Old Discovers Mistake in Dinosaur Encyclopedia
First-grader Jun Ikemiyagi-san (6) from Ginowan, who has loved dinosaurs since age 3 and states "my goal for the future is to become a tyrannosaurus," discovered a mistake in a dinosaur encyclopedia. Publisher Gakken Plus has taken notice and plans to fix it in future printings.

[Re: the previous riddle] Something goes on the end of the words.

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