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June 27th, 2020

It seems like everyone's figured out yesterday's, so it's bustling [with replies of other examples].

[Wall has it, floor doesn't
Bee has it, wasp doesn't
Module has it, piece doesn't
Bell has it, chime doesn't
Sow has it, plant doesn't
Pummel has it, beating doesn't]
[Spoilers for solution and original Japanese: Add a "lo" sound to the end. The Japanese version adds "hou" to the end.
Nishin (herring) = nishinhou (binary number system). Sawara (type of mackerel) + hou isn't anything.
Kinou (yesterday) = kinouhou (induction). Ashita (tomorrow) + hou isn't anything.
Saikou (highest) = saikouhou (highest peak). Shikou (supreme) + hou isn't anything.
Chou (butterfly) = chouhou (priceless treasure). Hachi (bee) + hou isn't anything.
A (the first half of Aum/Om) = ahou (idiot). Un (the second half of Aum/Om) + hou isn't anything.
Kanon (canon/cannon) = kanonhou (canon law OR cannon artillery). Rondo (rondo) + hou isn't anything.

My first kiss tasted like tempura.

Unbelievably, someone got it right, so I'll reveal the answer: it's synths that have articulation switching due to key switches and synths that don't.

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