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June 29th, 2020

The chord progression in AI Want Your Love! Kiritan feels like a banquet an idiot came up with.

So even if you tell me "Wouldn't it be more nutritionally balanced if you added some vegetables?", I'll be like "Sorry, find somewhere else that serves salad." I hope all the high-calorie-heads come to my place.

I feel like my songs are like combining curry with fried food and mayonnaise and cheese and other high-calorie foods and baking in the oven, then being like "I've come up with the ultimate meal!!!!" With that focus on thickness over eloquence, I suppose that's why not many chords without 7s show up.

But your replies about the nuanced differences between 9 and add9 are in fact helpful and I'm glad for them, so thank you. :folded hands:

In other words, I'm a little girl.

I'm an annoying woman, so whenever I say "Why does this have such a pretty sound?", I'm the same as an excited little girl going "I wonder why rainbows look so pretty!", and most often not looking for a tangible explanation.

At the time, I always thought "The notes CDE are just all in a row, so why does playing them at the same time have such a pretty sound?" But now that I consider it, why DOES playing them at the same time have such a pretty sound???? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

When I hear "add9," I think of the accompaniment in the chorus song "tomorrow," but that's also the kind of add9 that's aiming for a refreshing sound.

I don't find many add9s when I analyze my own songs, it's usually just "also contains a 7," so how am I supposed to use add9? Does having the 7 make for a richer sound in comparison? I associate add9 with accompaniment in chorus songs.

I always write chords containing a 7 as C9, but I'm worrying over whether it's more kind to write C7(9).

Though it's been 20 years since I started making music, I'm turning 18 this year.

Naturally you'd think making songs for 20 years, you'd get tired of it, yet I constantly hear the calling of "As usual, I wanna make something...", and working on songs can make me feel super good like it did yesterday, so music's amazing.

I aim to attempt a variety of genres, and I'm quick to be like "I've made a song like this before, guess I'm a boring one-note person after all, I'm gonna go die," so I need to keep adding to my repertoire or I'll die.

When you make an innumerable amount of songs, it's incredibly common to find you can only come up with similar ideas. But even if it's similar, you can make something properly different if you've leveled up in every way since then. That's why I have to always be leveling up, so I can make something different even I'm when doing something similar.

It's been about 20 years since I started making music, and those 20 years have been a history of battling against "I've done that before... (so it's boring)"

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