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June 30th, 2020

In the future, should I transition to lyrics like "Never mind social distancing, I want to touch with you until morning"...?? (new lyrical ritual)

I hope we don't end up in a world where the lyric "I want to touch with you until morning" comes to invite joking comments of "No, practice social distancing!"

I left my pure feelings in my mother's tummy.

Her feelings become a mess without her even realizing, and the final words she's able to wring out are "What should I do?", you see? It's that kind of song. Will you listen, everyone?

Love Ward Miku-chan strikes me as someone who'd never carry around a reusable bag and pay the plastic bag fee every time. Crude and blunt. Wouldn't you like to see a girl like that get toyed with by love? Alright then, dig in.

Perhaps both words and music are raw.

The worse the effects of coronavirus, the more I feel the changing of times, so I think about it more than ever. Yesterday's common sense might be nonsense tomorrow. I have to always be updating my common sense so I can make things that resound in people's hearts.

It's old-timer melancholy hours.

The reason you can instantly understand "ah, she went to the store late at night to buy something that might help with a cold" is because of the common image of a shopping bag. When that underlying common sense changes, the nuance of the lyrics changes with the times.

It's sad thinking that what the Love Ward lyric about "I'm going to see him with a shopping bag in hand" means will probably become less understandable over time. Common sense is always on the move.

R.I.P. free plastic bags

R.I.P. June

Money is more important than life, yes, yes.

[Timmy: "The current price for turnips is 533 Bells per turnip!"]
Another fine day of work.

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