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June 14th, 2022

My hands are shaking, so I guess I'll play Monster Hunter to calm down...

If I don't get away from my Target Camera reliance, I'll get stuck on the Narga variant, so I've gotta do something...

Anyone else unable to think about anything but Monster Hunter today?

If the demo Malzeno is similar difficulty to demo Magnamalo, I might not be able to beat it.

Can it just be 11 AM the moment the date changes this one time?????

No matter how many times I think about today's Sunbreak announcements, it's so wild...

I just realized, but it's probably good to distinguish between Herocis and Felyne Heroics, so I wonder if I should have written Felyne Heroics... I didn't know the etiquette...

RT @tarotaro0_game What's with this mysterious musical Vtuber who can do this time attack and also a explanatory commentary...? Nice run!

It's super fun to add commentary to my own playing.

[New Monster Hunter Rise Video]

Apex Zinogre Emergency, Longsword, Heroics
Run and commentated in 2'39.

I did a lot of runs and talked a lot.
Please check it out. #TesrosetTransmission #MonsterHunterRise

I find casual use of the word "godly" suspect. What I'm trying to say is, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is godly.

What kind of dog is always trembling?
A shiver inu.

Even if I get complimented for being good at Monster Hunter, I find myself giving a bossy, Killua-like "___-san's way better."

People around me are using Heroics all the time, so I've been numbed to it, but if you think about it, purposefully fighting monsters with just a sliver of health is abnormal...

I wonder if I'd get good at Splatoon too if I tried for 1000 hours... It's a matter of whether I can try for 1000 hours, huh.

It seems like I've played Monster Hunter Rise an absolute ton, but even combining with the PC version, I want to say I've only played about 1000 hours.

That thing where you think you're going to go back to bed after watching the Capcom Showcase, but you're too excited to sleep anymore.

Zenith Magnamalo

It's so funny that even "Tiga Rare Species" is trending.

I'm awaiting all you pro hunters' videos of beating Malzeno.

[Retweeting info on demo] Demo around 11 AM, got it.

I'm gonna be playing this the rest of my life at this rate...

Wha, so basically I can play the demo tomorrow??? Which means, starting tomorrow,,, I see,,,,,

Thank you, Capcom...

My mind's blank from my expectations being vastly exceeded.


I'm glad to see rare variants return, and also, so it's like that, huh...

Sunbreak confirmed godly game, thank you so much.

Nargacuga variant?!?!?!?!?!

Demo!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this!!!!

Gore Magala is bad news!!

Espinas! One of the Frontier ones?!?!



It's here!!

It's starting!

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