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June 15th, 2022

The fate of one who challenged Malzeno for 12 hours. #TesrosetTransmission

I can't defeat Malzeno...

Got a separate stream up.

How sad...

Sorry, it doesn't seem to be getting fixed, I wonder why...

Can't fix it... :smile with halo:

Malzeno's so strong, it even uses attacks like this.

["Could not update YouTube settings. A problem occurred while updating stream info. You can <try-again-link>try again [...] start streaming</just-go-live-link>. This error [...]"]

The stream stopped for some reason and I can't reconnect... :crying:


Going live at 9:30.
Musical Vtuber Challenging Demo Malzeno #TesrosetTransmission

I thought it was just me being bad, but I'm relieved to see everyone struggling. (?)

I can't beat Mal-chan, but iais are super fun.

Because I've done so much time attacking, I'm really bad at fighting safely and healing... :eyeroll:

Finally made it up to Wyvern Riding Mal-chan.

I still can't beat Malzeno, but I feel like it's gonna be a ton of fun once I learn.

Isn't Malzeno a super good monster????

So weak, Malzeno kill in 5 minutes LOLOLOL
As in, Malzeno killed me.

It's sudden, but I have an announcement.
Today, the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo is being released.
Please, let's all play it.

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