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June 13th, 2022

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (talking in sleep)

Five more hours, huh?

I bet you didn't know, but this Monster Hunter game's super fun.

Changed my header. [to a screenshot of the 2:39]

Didn't think I'd suddenly become this much of a gamer after 30.

[Re: Sunbreak news on the upcoming Capcom Showcase stream] Better get up early tomorrow.

Earth Jet is such an astronomy-sounding term, so why is it bug spray...

I've got three whole game videos I wanna post this month.

Let's do longsword time attacks, everybody, c'mon, let's do it, Sunbreak's coming out soon so let's take this opportunity to do it.

Yuri with a girl sobbing despite being told "I like you," clinging to a lady leaving who says "there's like 200 different kinds of liking."

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