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June 12th, 2022

Rewatching it, feels like I was saved by behavior a bunch of times, and there were quite a few mistakes in judgement...

I'm a Vtuber who can hunt a powered-up Apex Zinogre in 2:39. I'm awaiting work.

For now, I'm really glad I was able to do what I wanted before Sunbreak... This is the Monster Hunter movement I've put the most work into in my life...

I imagine this is about the best I can do at my current ability... Good work. :green tea:

Wonder if I can shave off about 30 seconds? :smile with halo: (rest already)

I shouted real loud.

Apex Zinogre Emergency, Heroics

I finally made it!!! I did it!! I did it!!!!

I've got so much to do my head's gonna burst, but I want to quit going "well first of all, let's do something like play Monster Hunter to calm down." (plays Monster Hunter)

When I get old, I feel like you could play me one of my songs at the old folks' home and I'd be like "sounds kinda familiar, but it's a good song."

I have so many songs I don't remember them all.

I don't know why everyone follows me. Probably because they want to see parries and iais, gotta be.

I realized something amazing about Twitter - just take my word for it and tap the thing that says "Followers."
If you take a careful look at the list of people that shows up, every one of them is following you...

There's lots to do yet I can't finish any of it, my power is so weak...

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