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June 11th, 2022

All my life I've just relied on people spoiling me because I'm a shameful adult.

All my life I've wanted to be an adult who gets spoiled rotten...

It's become my objective before Sunbreak to record a proper video of me getting a 2:XX time on Emergency Apex Zinogre.

Thanks for stream! A shame I couldn't do it to my satisfaction... :crying: I'll practice more.

So unable to win with Herocis... :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle:

[Sad News] 2 hours unable to clear with Heroics.

Beginner Heroics VS Apex Zinogre

Based on the poll, I'll stream Malenia parrying Apex Zinogre with Heroics. Thanks in advance.

If I were to suddenly start something... [Poll]
- Malenia parry stream [36.6%]
- Apex Zinogre Heroics stream [63.4%]

At the Capcom Showcase, is there gonna be a Sunbreak demo or is there not?!
There'sssss... [Poll]
- Not! [43.6%]
- Gonna! [56.4%]

A week's passed already.....

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