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June 10th, 2022

Want someone to make a ranking of songs that are fun to blast while cleaning the bath.

I had a super fun time blasting this and cheerfully cleaning the bath.
Ringo Sheena & Junpei Sheena's "The Onion Song"

What's good about it? The title is good.

I'm doing the thing of relistening to songs I provided for others, and Gaming Polar Bear is so good.

Tesro-sama, Roset-chan, and me split the work up, you see...

RT @crab_kanikani The more you follow OSTER project's activities of playing games and illustrations and everything else, the more uncertain you get about when she makes music.

I'm not skilled, but I wanna draw cute-ish art.

I haven't drawn lately, but it's fine to just go reupload old art. #TesrosetArt

That time I found a building that looks like a follow-up to How Do You Like Wednesday?

["Karaoke & Rental Hall Do-Re-Mi-Fa Oizumi"; Yo Oizumi was the host of said TV show.]

["Once Again Doesn't Know Her Own Song's Chords: Roset-san (23)"]

:dice: #Dominowns

The more fun the dream, the more tragic it is that it's not real.

The painkiller took effect and I slept unfortunately soundly.

Painkillers are cold and delicious.

My body hurts today, so I decided to drink this painkiller. :pensive:

I'm so smart, I've fully memorized pi to 3 digits.

I've been told "you're so smart it pisses me off," and I was like "yeah, I'm smart."

All people in OSTER project are smart.

RT @MIUCLN All people who like OSTER project are smart.

An aspect I focus on... :OK sign:

RT @s_c12h22o11 The reason I like OSTER-san's songs is that even when they do something complex, it never comes at the cost of the melody's catchiness, and how each song has a consistent message that lends it strength.

Had a dream Monster Hunter time attacks became an Olympic event.

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