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June 9th, 2022

I've never firmly developed my movement in a game to this degree before, so part of me's sad that the environment will change once Sunbreak's out.

There are countless people who are better at games than me, but my gameplay is something only I can do. (family precept)

I think if I watched the episode where Nobita's grandma uses a time machine to come scold Nobita's dad now, I'd burst into tears.

Becoming an adult isn't "being fine even if you don't get pampered," just "no longer getting pampered."

Adults are lonely souls.

Maybe it's since when you grow up, you aren't able to just casually go play anymore? So envious of being like "Can I go play with them today?" as a kid.

Perhaps because I've gotten older, on days after hanging out, moreso than going "that was fuuun," the loneliness of what I'd been looking forward to being over has grown stronger over the years, which is no good at all.

Days where you toootally unavoidably lack motivation are just days lacking motivation, so there's no helping it.

Someone called a Kitty (cocktail) "Kitty-chan" and I didn't get it, so I said "You wouldn't call fish Fish-kun, would ya?", and yet they wouldn't accept that, which I still haven't accepted myself.

Oh yeah, today's the 5th annivesary... :whale:
[VOCALOID] Whale Rider [Kagamine Rin]

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