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February 10th, 2022

I thought it might be good to buy Mario Kart, but what're you thinking, adding more games to play?

Kirby's release date is so soon, I'm feeling the pressure.

I want them to add 48 remastered monsters from past games to Monster Hunter Rise.

Nintendo: "Remastered tracks from past games are coming to Mario Kart 8!"
Me: "Ooh, maybe about 10?"
Nintendo: "A total of 48!!"
Me: "??????????????"

I feel so sorry for yesterday's me excitedly setting her alarm for before 8 AM.

Sunbreak is trending, so should I go watch the archive before I get spoiled on new info...?? Or is it because there was no new Sunbreak info...?? :smiling face:???? :thinking face:???

Did anybody make the mistake of thinking the Nintendo Direct started at 8????????? [at 8 AM - it was 7 AM Japan time]

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