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November 9th, 2021

Make a Nendoroid of the Tesroset Girls with this design... [presumably referring to the OSTER-san's CD Vol. 3 cover]

I want to bring people the courage and hope that even if you're bad at games, with effort, you can become decent.

Wanna stream my Apex Zinogre progress tomorrow or so...

Watching other people game makes me wanna game, so let's work on Apex Zinogre!!

[Retweeting an official Crypton tweet about the "Love Letter for Vocaloid Music" project, where people could submit letters about their favorite songs]
I received a lot addressed to me!!!! Plenty of English letters. :globe:
Thank you for listening my music :music score:

Wait a martini. :cocktail glass:

It's so amusing how Alcohol Song has 4 times the views on NicoNico compared to YouTube.

I mean, hey, if a series lasts for 64 numbered entries, it's gotta be for good reason!!!!

This brand new game called Mario Tennis 64 that came out on Switch recently is super fun.

I did well when I was listening to Claire-san sing, so I hope she streams the day of the Tarotaro Cup too. (?)

Whoaaaaa!!!!! [Screenshot of getting 5:48 on such a run]

When y'say "I like girls who like games," does that "like games" part include doing speedruns of Apex Zinogre solo with low-rank weapons...?

Who said you could let it rain on a day when I'm going out?

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