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November 8th, 2021

[Retweeting hourly Vocaloid ranking in which Alcohol Song places first, with kemu's Tower of Rubble in second] Alcohol Song taking first in the dead of night...

Listening to various songs at concerts and on CDs, I've worried what I should do next with my music, but I feel like ultimately I can only make what I feel like making.

I could eat Ikinari Steak filet endlessly.

Ah!! I wanna eat Ikinari Steak!!! It's 2 AM, never mind.

Regular reminder that I accept Tesroset doujinshi as a present.

I'm gonna be gettin' older soon!!

Art! The rough sketch looks cuter! Damn, damn, damn!

That line in Whale Rider, "the one place I can be my certain self is in the gap between sheets," might have ended up different if I hadn't known about Between the Sheets.

When it comes to cocktails with sexy names, Between the Sheets takes the gold...

It's an amazing thing to enjoy living...

Being able to meet with people, I'm steadily regaining the joys of life.

I love restaurants, and restaurants love me too.

There's a place I've been eager to get lunch at but that keeps being fully booked, so I wanna get my revenge...

Circular motion with expressions.

Never made a circular motion with uniform velociuty with AE expressions before, so let's try it. :heart:

If something were to be in a state of total motionlessness in outer space, dunno what kind of state that would even be.

Come to think of it, the Earth is spinning as well as revolving around the Sun, and the solar system itself is traveling around the Milky Way, and the Milky Way itself is moving through space, so how do you define absolute speed anyhow?

[Alcohol Song] 10,000 views on NicoNico! :clap:

My body's dead, so I can't do nothin' today...

It was rough listening to "on the rocks" at Magical Mirai and having different lyrics cross my mind because of "on the rice."

[Retweeting her "on the rice" parody] I like this.

Meeting the morning without any hangover, feeling entirely refreshed.

Good job to everyone involved in Magical Mirai! :folded hands: This time, my songs Love Ward and "on the rocks" were performed. :ambulance: :tumbler glass:

This is a worrying lineup of emoji.

I'll never forget the taste of the curry I had yesterday.

Morning! My muscles are dead!

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