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November 7th, 2021

Open a curry shop... Please...

At a bar where I could drink beer infinitely, they kept bringing out absurd-quality meals one after another, but then in the endgame they brought out curry that easily ranks as "greatest in my life," and it swept the whole thing...

I drank, walked 5 lightyears in the park, drank, drank again, then drank some more, so I'm super exhausted.

As an early birthday present, I received a drink that sounds like it's gonna make a stupidly huge explosion. :bottle and cup:

Appealing to what a wonderful adult I am that no matter how much I drink, I can get home okay.

[Retweeting Alcohol Song] This is my character song.

[More pictures of beer] My entire body has become alcohol. Thank you for the good fight.

Sake!! All-you-can-drink!! No time limit!!! Unstoppable!!! The strongest!!!!

[Photos of beer and food] I'm as pumped up as if I was at a theme park!!!!!

I just noticed I've been gaining followers and I'm almost to 50,000, wow, that's like a city.

It's fun for the whole family!

On Twitter, I dedicate myself to making refreshing lewd jokes people of all ages can enjoy.

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