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September 27th, 2021

What is happiness for you?
How do you enjoy yourself?
For it to end without knowing;
I don't want that at all

A way too deeply-questioning way to start a song.

It's nonsense for another person to look at your life and decide its success or failure. If you can see it as a success, it's a success.

There was someone singing super cheerfully passing by outside, and I'm envious of their cheer.

Cocktail remedies are basically throwing in various kinds of alcohol to scare the pathogens away, right?

Lyrics like this will probably get lots of people worried for me, but I'm normal. Since it's normal for me to be in an abnormal state.

These are not lyrics you write sober.
["Warriors living in the present
This century is free and easy
Grab a beer mug
Forget a natural high,
Try a thick high
To disinfect our severe reality

Vodka, tequila, rum, brandy, gin, liquor
This is my cocktail remedy"]

My YouTube's almost at 45,000 people, amazing.

It was Calpis.

I'm the only one in the world at a loss over whether to have Calpis or miso soup.

The woman who married chord progressions.

RT @nemomomonemomo [MV] I Have An Announcement For You All. - OSTER project feat. Roset The woman who married chord progressions.

Lately I've been streaming all the time and not making compilations, so feel free to make clips.

I really like stuff like the floppy-Roset compilation videos, so Tesroset-san, please occasionally make compilations of your streams.

I can't search for videos I uploaded to Twitter myself.

Walking 3 kilometers then making a ton of gyoza was clearly going over capacity for my back, so I fell asleep.

Worked hard...

When I gaze at the night sky and think about how there are so many stars, yet humanity hasn't reached a single one of them, I feel the puniness of living things, and LOL at how slow the speed of light is to the hugeness of the universe.

I'll heal up and get to the point where I could walk to the nearest neighboring star.

Wanna go back to when I could walk 10 kilometers and be fine soon.

I loved taking walks, so it's made me sad that my back pain is making them something to fear, but I'm still glad for days where I'm relatively able to walk.

Let me hold a pro-wrestling match between Elmo and Tesroset!!

[Retweets an article about Elmo from Sesame Street guesting on Kuroyanagi Tetsuko's YouTube channel] I want someone to guest on my channel too.

I walked like 2 kilometers today, I'm amazing. Maybe it's thanks to the medicine.

Phew, I DO have human rights! Constitution of Japan, you saved my bacon!

Whenever you're fretting that you have to keep producing things or you have no rights, calm yourself by reading the section of the Constitution of Japan on the importance of fundamental human rights.

"Chat" is short for "mindless chatter," right??????

If you want to know what kinds of things I usually chat about on stream, it's the sort of chatting where I respond to someone reporting they had some tasty squid sushi for 100 yen with "that's way too cheap, maybe it was alien meat."

I was thinking about what to call people who come to watch Tesroset Transmission, and figured Tesroset Crew might be a good one with a spaceship association, but also it's scary because there might be a Tesroset Impostor among them.

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