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September 28th, 2021

I have two Switch Pro Controllers, so maybe it'd be good to just designate one for PC use.

It's really hard to press ZR on the controller I'm using for PC right now, which is being kind of a hindrance, so I want to get a proper one...

For some reason I'm able to use super-strong armor and weapons from the start, so I keep progressing without any impediments...

I'm sure I played World, but it's interesting how I don't remember it at all. I did remember the old lady who stood against Odogaron.

I played just a little bit of World, but I didn't know at the time that they'd added Critical Eye or Iai Slash or Helmsplitter, so I absolutely didn't play any of World.

[Photos of buying Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on Steam] Ack! My hand just... :sweatdrops:

Until a few years ago, I was like "I've become an old-timer who can't get deep into games...", but now I'm living so much thanks to games.

Wanna become a Monster Hunter soon...

I used a parking lot app just once to reserve a parking spot, and now whenever I go out without anything to do, I get a bunch of notifications saying "There's an open parking spot!!"... It's making me sad like No-Face, so I wish it'd stop.

I think I'm slow at making songs, but others tell me I'm fast, so I've put together a theory that everyone but me is moving at near-light-speed.

Attention, Tesroset Crew! Identify the Tesroset Impostor!

In truth, I need to study Apex Zinogre to prepare for the test.

Just hearing the phrase "studying for the test" makes me feel like "Right, I too once had tests and studied for them... That's right, isn't it...", which is sad.

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