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September 26th, 2021

I finished drawing a picture from a rough sketch on stream, so I'm an artist.

Orders for the Village Vanguard collab merch have closed. :crying:
Everyone who bought some, please look forward to arrival! :paw prints: #TesrosetArt

["Tesroset x Village Vanguard!!" "Thanks-ski!"]

I'm drawing right now.

Let's begiiin!!

I was thinking "I'll get something viral while Village Vanguard orders are open to advertise it!!", but the most viral I went was this... ["cross-legged leap" tweet]

I'll be sad if there's even one case of "I didn't know there was something like this, and I can't buy it anymore...", so please let me spread the word super obnoxiously...

:clock: 9:00 PM:
I've come with a final request for you all! This is OSTER x Village Vanguard! To change Japan, to change this region! Please submit your votes!
[Chatting] Doing Something Until OSTER x Village Vanguard Merch Orders Close [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

What should I stream?????

Tesroset merch orders close today, so maybe I'll stream until orders close!!!!!!!

Ah, so the "Mega Man collab" is so named for its "cool lab."

[Retweeting merch] Tesroset ends today!! Tesroset ends today!! Tesroset ends today!!

Made the breakthrough discovery that if you put in an order for sushi on an earlier date, sushi will automatically arrive in the afternoon that day without you having to do anything.

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