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September 11th, 2021

I like humans.

Today I played Word Wolf, a werewolf game where you guess different words distributed to people, and someone said "I sure wanna be this...", so I guessed "a full-time employee," and the answer was "a NEET." Gave me a sense of the depth of humans...

Being separated from people's warmth by corona, today's been a more stimulating day than I've had in a long while... I love everybody...

Things I cried over recently:
- Watching a movie
- Watching a movie
- Beating arena Rajang damageless on the first try ←new

Playing is fun!!! (2 IQ)

Streaming for a year, I can deeply sense how much all the MyMixis (AKA members) who always come to watch have become something I'm hugely grateful for...

Having a stream partner of sorts seems so strong, what with how you can collaborate with each other... I'd like to join hands and work hard as OSTER-san, Tesro-sama, and Roset-chan...

Feeling like calling someone over to do a stream, so somebody come here.

Watching others play is a super useful reference.

Sure, looking back, there was a bunch of sloppiness, but I'm still glad I could do it damageless... Gonna keep it up tomorrow too.

What person in their 30s cries after beating Rajang?????

I for real cried after getting through the real deal taking no damage... I'm glad I put in so much practice...

Coming up very soon...

It begins... Our fight...

Praying I can pull off my usual movements...

I thought I wouldn't get as nervous as last time, but I'm pretty dang nervous, and kind of panicking about dying twice in practice.

Scheduled for the competition today. Thanks in advance!
I think the stream itself will begin around 6:50. #TarotaroCup #TesrosetTransmission
[Monster Hunter Rise] Greatsword Speedrun Competition! Tarotaro Cup Day 1 VS Arena Rajang [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

"Wait a mocha" isn't an original saying of mine, but "thanks-ski" is a Tesroset Transmission original (probably).

This Tesroset cake is so cute... Glad I'm alive...


["Thanks-ski for 1 year of Tesroset Transmission!"]

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