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September 12th, 2021

No matter how old I am, I don't wanna forget this feeling of putting in effort to grow and earn a sense of achievement and fulfillment.

Thinking about how fun yesterday and today were makes me feel like crying.

I'm glad I got to encounter the game known as Monster Hunter...

I was incredibly happy to have my run described as "showing how the fun of speedrunning isn't just aiming to be the fastest, but doing something toward a personal goal." I want to keep putting in practice and enjoying my own results...

I'm late, but good job to everyone involved in the Tarotaro Cup! There were many areas I couldn't handle myself well in, but I was glad to show so many people the results of my month of training. :crying: Seeing all the participants' passion boosted my motivation! Good job! :hot drink: #TarotaroCup

It's already gotten so late training these new greatsword users...


RT @q07a_ The pressure is intense... [Screenshot of a Monster Hunter party list: AAAA at Hunter Rank 1, Fuwacina at Hunter Rank 607, and Keienu-P at Hunter Rank 1.]

When I was thinking about healing and threw out a flash bomb by mistake, my head went blank, lol

I panicked in the middle there, but I managed to finish out the run. :crying: Thank goodness...

I'm next... (th-thump)

Getting super antsy about all the dying I'm doing in my runs just before showtime...

It's finally begun...

Same as yesterday, I'm scheduled to play at 7:20. See you then!

Scheduled for today's competition! Stream starting around 7 PM!
Gonna try hard to show the fruits of my training... #TesrosetTransmission #TarotaroCup
[Monster Hunter Rise] Greatsword Speedrun Competition! Tarotaro Cup Day 2 VS Valstrax [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Cauliflower ⇔ Responsiweed

Living in the Corner [Sumikko Gurashi] ⇔ Dying in the Center


A red Super Chat-equivalent cake... How delicious!!

Fully prepared!! Congrats, Tesroset-chan! :birthday cake: :clap: :clap: :clap: #TesrosetTransmission

Those who deny other people are forced to live fearful of being denied by others, so it's better to live accepting each other.

There'll be a very important announcement from Tesroset Transmission soon, so look forward to it.

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