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September 10th, 2021

I always say "itadakimasu" [expressing the aforementioned gratitude] even when I'm eating alone.

I'd be troubled if I couldn't eat meat either, and I'm complacent having the powerful position that is being human, but accordingly, I want to always remember to be grateful for the life I eat...

I often see people watch footage of a carnivore chasing a herbivore and shout "Run away!!" toward the herbivore, but I always think to myself "Is it okay with you if the herbivore gets away and the carnivore starves to death?"

I think how you use life should be entrusted to the owner of that life, but sometimes that can be all too cruel to people who dedicate themselves to saving lives.

I used to have no idea what to write for book reports and things, but now I feel like I could write 5 billion pages.

You might wonder what about it pained me so much to make me cry, but I think maybe the thing that was most painful was Jiro's sister Kayo-chan feeling like regardless of them entrusting it to the doctors, it came down to determination, so she was powerless to do anything but watch Naoko-san's death.

I got thinking about when I've cried recently, and it was when I watched The Wind Rises...

As many monsters as you hunt to distract form loneliness, it seems you can't slay the monster inside you.

The loneliness when you use social media and when you don't are different beasts, so I don't think that's contradictory.

It's lonely to use social media, and lonely not using social media, so I'm not suited for social media.

Speedruns are fun when you're working on them, but once you start trying to get a proper run recorded on video, you get bogged down

I'll do my best tomorrow, so see you then. :flex:

Thanks for stream! High-rank Rajang is fun, I wanna run it...


Starting around 9!
Toward the beginning, I'll also read Marshmallows I got after the last stream.
[Monster Hunter Rise] Serious Pre-Competition Practice & A Little Marshmallow Reading [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

I flew to camp over and over to get Kagero-san's "Hikimasu!" clip, and I think it's a line that only plays when returning to camp after encountering a monster once, which got me emotional about the intricate level of detail.

Hope you come watch tomorrow. #TesrosetTransmission
[Roset: "At last, the greatsword speedrun competition is happening tomorrow..." Kagero: "Can hardly wait!!" Roset: "Kagero-san... At first, it took me over 10 minutes to beat Valstrax, but putting in the effort day after day, I'm able to beat it in 4 minutes... What do you think of this woman?" Kagero: "WEIRDED OUT!!"] ["Hikimasu"; presumably a line about withdrawing taken out of context to use that slang meaning.]

Today: Tesroset Hospital Visit.

I was like "Why's there no outlet in my kitchen..." while using the mixer at the table I eat at, but when I looked up at the upper wall of the kitchen, there was an outlet.

If you ask me "so do you get boys' feelings?", I'd say I don't, so I guess I just don't get anything at all.

Don't you ever feel like you don't get girls' feelings?????

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