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September 9th, 2021

I'm searching for potential covers that would be a good fit, but I feel like Tesro-sama shines brightest singing a song like Baka Mitai.

[Jun: "Get to work, hop.]

And two days from now, I have a Tesroset-related surprise, so look forward to it... (talked about it on stream so it's not even a surprise)

Wanna stream practice for the Tarotaro Cup tomorrow...

I dunno what everyone's feeling in their day to day lives, but I hope it comes across.

It's packed full with my current feelings, so I really want people to hear it...

It's a song that makes me wanna cry listening to it...

Finished a song... :shedding tear:

Whenever people ask me how to become a Vocaloid producer like me, I'll keep answering "use greatsword."

Japanese traditional culture :full moon:

What do we have dreams for anyhow? How's a dream like this at all necessary to humans? It's such an enigma.

Some people I was once friends with showed up in my dream, and I was told in the dream that one of them had actually passed away from illness, making me get extremely sad over nothing, so I wanna cheer up.

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