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September 6th, 2021

The typical riddle answer would be "cumin." [kumin = residents of a ward]

[Riddle] What spice do people living within the Yamanote Line like?
[Answer] Depends on the person.

Is making ballads hard or what??? Replaying slow-tempo songs to get a feel for their flow is time-consuming, so I'm not making progress...

If you don't want me to make omelette rice again, follow me. (?)

I like your omelette rice!!! (unfollows)

Retweeting the omelette rice made me lose followers again...

My suckiness at making omelette rice is being broadcast to the world.

[Re: the omelette rice picture] Why's this getting so many likes...

I'll forever keep telling people that studying is important for enjoying jokes.

E = MC Hammer

I can make music well, so please forgive me...

I'm so bad at omelette rice I lost 3 followers.

I've never tried the thing where you transfer gyoza from the frying pan to a plate by sticking them together and just flipping it over because I feel like I'd burn myself.

I've never seen this meal you call omelette rice, so I can't make it.

Someone please beat these eggs in my stead.

Trembling at how good I am at making omelette rice.

I actually remembered about making omelette rice.

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