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September 7th, 2021

I think annoying contrarians who get in a frenzy looking for a counterexample when they hear things like that have probably pushed the boundaries of scientific understanding, so I like annoying contrarians.

Pain-in-the-ass logical thinkers can't believe sayings like "every night has a dawn" or "every rain eventually passes."

Sorry if I've said anything incorrect, miss...

Miss... Uranus's axis is almost parallel with its orbit around the Sun, so day and night invert based solely on its orbit, meaning 42 years of daytime is followed by 42 years of nighttime... Miss...

Though it only takes 8 minutes for light from the Sun to reach Earth, they say it takes 170,000 years for light created in the core of the Sun to reach its surface, miss...

A lady who listens to my space trivia... Imaginary lady...

Pant, pant... Miss... Our solar system only has one fixed star, the Sun, but did you know many star systems have two fixed stars who have a gravitational pull on each other resulting in orbital motion...? Turns out sci-fi depicting places with two suns was surprisingly realistic... Miss...

Pant, pant... Miss... What sort of celestial bodies do you like?

"White dwarf" sounds obscene. (???)

Wanna get drunk and start talking about space.

Crying from desire to drink with people and be an annoying drunk.

As a person wanting my new songs to be praised, I have a duty to keep making new songs, so I'm making them like wild.

Though another aspect of music is that rather than just enjoying technical skill, it can deeply connect with your memories to become something special, so of course it's fine to say you like songs in that sense.

Being able now to think of and actualize ideas and skills I couldn't in the past is truly so much fun... I really do like my recent songs.

Here in the present, I'm always the most cutting-edge version of myself who's honed my skills across many creations, so yeah, it does make me happy to have my recent songs praised.

RT @iam_nota_djtaka Something a senpai warned me about back when I was a newbie: when you meet an artist, don't just praise their old songs. Even if you're just saying "I love that song" with pure intentions, it's really rude. It might seem like a pretty obvious thing now, but I'm grateful I was taught that.

Do people who Vtube ever have dreams about an accident on stream that reveals their physical selves????

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