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September 5th, 2021

Feels like I'm gonna forget to make omelette rice tomorrow.

Monster Hunter's so fun when I'm doing well.

I've never gone "I'll play Monster Hunter just for a moment" and actually been done in a moment.

Maybe I'll play Monster Hunter just for a moment...

Feeling the Song of Super Chat lyric "The kindness you all show lets me live each day joyfully" so hard.

It's fun gaining new knowledge from viewer comments. Today, I learned about Manjushri Bodhisattva. :Shinto shrine:

For the time being, I plan to continue as a Vtuber with a goal of "as long as it takes for light emitted from Earth to reach a neighboring star system."

(talked for 4 hours yet apparently still hasn't talked enough)

But Parmigiano-Reggiano is a cheese that's expensive yet reliably tasty, and that seasoning is addictive... I like it so much that there was a time I went to bars just to have crushed Parmigiano-Reggiano as a snack without even buying any beer.

Cheese is an incredible ingredient born out of a tag-team with mold, so if you're not prepared, a flavor like you've never experienced before can spread through your mouth and kill you.

I talked about cheese today, but I think the reason I felt like commonplace cheese you can buy at a supermarket is more dependable than expensive cheese at a super good restaurant might just be because I'm not used to eating expensive cheese...

People complimenting and agreeing with the knowledge and thoughts I've fostered over my life raises my sense of self-affirmation.

I might be a genius for being able to talk for 4 hours. (positive)

I talked for 4 hours!!! It was fun! Thanks for the all well-wishes!!

We're starting!

I ought to get ready for the stream, huh?

:clock: Tonight at 9 PM:
Doing a Tesroset Transmission first anniversary stream! :music score: :water pistol: With the posts in the tag and Marshmallows, I'll look back on the past year of activity. Thanks-ski! #TesrosetTransmission
[Chat] Tesroset Transmission First Anniversary Stream [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Re: the Collatz conjecture, I instictively feel like the goal is to reach 2 to the power of n, and that you'll eventually get there by throwing enough steps at it, but when it comes to a proof, that's hard...

The obscure kanji stream was fun, but it's tough to make a followup to that kind of thing, so I want to appear on a quiz show as Tesroset.

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